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Welcome back, Louise. As you rightly suggest, the events of the last fortnight show Brown to be more than just a bottler.


Well done Louise on your decision to wear your shoes out walking the streets rather than spending a v pleasant and invigorating few days at Blackpool. Winning the seat is 90% perspiration and this is down to you and your team. Cameron and co can provide some pull but the push is down to you. Keep going.

Rachel Joyce

Excellent article. I agree the feeling on the ground never really matched the polls. And yes - we PPCs are working hard, building up the momentum on the ground.

Tony Makara

Gordon Brown messed about the whole country with his electoral flirting. David Cameron's anger was more than apparaent. Brown got the lashing he deserved at PMQs. Louise your grass-roots political approach is inspiring. As you say Labour has failed so many people with their top-down style of government by directive. Keep up the good work Louise.

James Burdett

I wondered where you had got to last week, and have to say I did miss it. However it is very heartening to know where your priorities lie! I am sure the hard work will pay dividends.

Malcolm Dunn

Louise, hear,hear!

Henry Mayhew - Ukipper

I may not agree with you politically but I admire your dedication to our democracy. Thank you.

Louise Bagshawe

Thanks all very much. Mr. Mayhew, I enjoy many of your comments and share your ardent Euroscepticism. I very much hope you will choose to rejoin the party. We need former members like yourself (and Chad Noble) back with us to defeat Labour.

I will be a guest on the BBC's "Politics Show" on Sunday talking about Labour abuse of its taxpayer-funded "communications allowance" for sheer electioneering.


Henry, aren't you slightly tempted to come back to us now? Go on, you know it makes sense.

Joe Mooney

Excellent article Louise. I think most of the country is now fed up with the grand old juke of Gordon.

He is insincere and a bit of a smart alec. He is in fact all spin and as Mr Cameron said he is a fake and a phoney.

Gordon Brown is not a leader and I am pleased that a lot of people are now coming around to that view.

Well done to David Cameron and his team for all the good work they are doing reference bringing this Government to account.

Looking to the future I am now convinced that we can win the next election. However, we must continue to work together as a team and keep knocking on those doors between now and 2009.

Tony Makara

One has to question the leadership qualities of Gordon Brown in stepping back and allowing Tony Blair to take over the Labour party. A true leader would not so readily have played second fiddle. True leaders don't allow themselves to be usurped. Before long it will become apparent to Labour's young guns that Gordon Brown isn't the best bet for a bright new future.

top of the shot

Louise is right about the use of MPs communications allowence. Lynne Featherstone who toppled Labour last time in Hornsey and Wood Green delivered a Westminster Report leaflet - with no imprint ! last Saturday - and not to be outdone, Labour we also out delivering their "intro" leaflet throughout the constituency.

Henry Mayhew - Ukipper

I am tempted but I still love Nigel and wouldn't want to do anything to hurt him. Why can't we all just be friends?

Chad Noble

And I love Henry.

Anyone who can cycle home after five pints deserves love ;-)


Easy! Get him to rejoin as well :) the Tories are at their most sceptical since Maggie, don't help Labour to beat them.

Henry Mayhew - Ukipper

Chad, you are a drunkard. They won't have you back.


Thank you Henry. Thank you Chad. Enough now.


Chad Noble

"They won't have you back."

The pub? At least I wasn't as badly behaved as the last time I was out with Mark Wallace... ;-)

Seriously though, like Henry, loyalty to Nigel would stop my joining another political party too but that doesn't mean we can't all get along.

Henry Mayhew - Ukipper

You are correct Chad (once again). Although I will take a lot of convincing about Dave, due to his past record, I have been greatly impressed and surprised by the Tory focus on the referendum, and the Gordonian blood in the water. Good stuff which I fully support and am trying to assist.

But where is the logical conclusion that if the other countries of Europe want to surrender their democratic freedoms we should have no part of their 'ever closer union', opt-outs or not? The idea of elevating an unchangeable bureaucracy to dominance over the continent runs counter to our successful policy over the last few hundred years, and to common sense. Were the people who led Britain from 1648 to 1914 wrong? Is Neil Kinnock right? Should Brussels be the centre of the continent?

The whole thing is absurd, dangerous, and Conservative Party policy; so no, I won't be rejoining for now, this is rather too important an issue to agree to disagree about. But Ms Bagshawe - I think you're very sweet and I wish you the best. Good articles too.

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