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Tony Makara

The pain also extends to the families of those maimed and lost on active service. You might remember the story of a young army widow who was turfed out of her army accommodation and sent a bill just weeks after losing her husband. This is the way our armed forces and their families are treated under a Labour government and this sort of thing is just not acceptable.

Henry Mayhew

Thank you for that Graeme.

In 2003 I had the honour to visit the battleground at Monte Camino at which my uncle, Lt Geoffrey Mayhew RAC, was mortally wounded. He was hit bringing up supplies by mule to infantry pinned down on the mountainside. Aet 21.

I don't think we forget them.

We certainly can't trust the government to look after today's wounded troops. We should all consider our own individual capacity to assist. Excellent article.

Malcolm Dunn

Superbly written as always Graeme. That the people of Britain are not more angry on behalf our servicemen and the fact that an odious little man like Hoon can continue his career in public life makes me sad.
As well as giving generously to the Legion for their poppy I hope all readers will remember to thank servicemen or ex service men whenever they meet them.

Jim Tague

Excellent article.

I might be biased, I have served, and would again if such a requirement were needed, but can I add a point that should be taken seriously by all Conservative Associations.

Warm words are helpful and should be encouraged, but we are long beyond that stage now.

It might be nice if word came down from above that each association do its best to hold an annual charitable event for service and ex-service personnel.

We are but a small association, and in a very Labour dominated area, but we held such a charity event and handed over all the profit from the event to S.S.A.F.A.

The Conservative Party is full of ex-service people, if anyone should be doing this, then we should...and we should be proud to do it.

Alexander Ellis

On the nail as always Graeme

Annabel Herriott

Whatever happened to Military Hospitals? I do hope it wasnt us who dumped them! They were superb institutions, for the military, and their families. Some of my old friends nursed in them all over the world including Britain in the 1950s - 60s.
Time they were brought back.


A very laudable and moving tribute, Graeme, to a loyal, selfless body of men and their families to whom we do and will continue do owe much. They are much undervalued by some that are thoughtless and some that think they have the gift of hindsight.

I can't agree with your piece on Janet Daley.
I find it strange that you have no view concerning Iran, but sooner or later you will have.
Best wishes (ignore the pseudonym).

Peter Botting

A stark reminder of the dedication of our armed forces and the debt we civilians owe them. Words are inadequate.

Sean Fear

Excellent piece, Graeme.

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