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Malcolm Dunn

Absolutely right. Labour's failing do not generally come from bad intentions but an overiding belief in an ideology that doesn't work.That, and of course common or garden incompetence. It's a message we should be driving home at every opportunity.

Tony Makara

Some machines can be quite beautiful. I'd love to own one of those old cathedral radios that were popular in the 1920s, they are five foot tall, look like a huge gravestone and are heavy enough to kill a man. I'd love to play my old Broadway shows through a machine like that.

Some machines however are ugly. Particularly the political machine known as Labour. The Labour party lost its heart and sold its soul after the death of John Smith. Now it runs like an automated robot. Lead by an overseer and run by unthinking functionaries. They exist for themselves and no-one else. Neil Kinnock is the living example of Labours transistion from man to machine. A conviction politician turned career-politican.

Henry Mayhew - Ukipper

You need 100,000 words for the range of this argument. Good effort in 1,100.

The concept of the uncaring public sector machine is an excellent one. Where are the local checks and balances in today's systems? Where is the sense of community involvement in social welfare? What impact is depersonalisation having on mental health?

Stick it all in a book. Follow up with a Michael Moore-style docu-drama.


Graeme - this is a brilliantly written article and one of the best expositions of the Conservative case for a just people focussed society I have ever read.

Henry Mayhew is right - this would make a cracking polemical documentary.

David Sergeant

What a super way to put it. But. If Greame Archer's ideas were put into practice you can bet that, in short order, the first time it is got wrong Labour and the BBC will be around in no time going on about the missuse of tax payers money etc.

This problem was demonstrated time and again during the 18 Tory years. Big media screams of rage with the local perpetrators making noises about how it's not their fault but Whitehall/Tories.

Graeme's and IDS's ideas will only have a chance if, right at the beging, politically aware trouble shooters are available to investigate and explain when things go wrong - as they frequently will.

Peter Franklin

Superb article, Graeme

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