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Iain Murray

This lauding of Pinochet will not do. The great Mario Vargas Llosa summed it up best when he told the AEI two years ago:

"Those who believed that General Pinochet was the exception to the rule [about the importance of private property and the rule of law being ignored in South America] because his regime enjoyed economic success have now discovered, with the revelations of murder and torture, secret accounts and millions of dollars abroad, that the Chilean dictator, like all of his Latin American counterparts, was a murderer and a thief."

Oberon Houston

Brown has many failings, and the Labour party are decidedly below average in their capability in Government - the quality of ministers for example is woeful. However Brown is spot on with his analysis of the current political climate. The tories have alienated themselves from a huge section of the vote by continually focusing on areas of policy that the electorate do not like. This is in contrast to Brown, who has conceeded many areas of policy in order to win power. Cameron has been applauded for 'talking tory' again by many in the party, and his polling has been awful as a result. The slight trust he had built up is fragile and has evapourated.

Tony Makara

"the quality of ministers for example is woeful"

Oberon Houston, I think you have hit the nail on the head asto why this government are so incompetent.

If we compare this batch of ministers with ministers of previous governments both Labour and Conservative, there is a clear decline in standards. It has often been said that a lot of people got elected in 1997 who should never have been elected and we are seeing the consequences of that today.

Same goes for Labour's Euro MPs too. Did you see that pathetic performance by Gary Titley earlier today? How on earth did that man ever get selected? Yet another case of a big fish in a small tank.

Oberon Houston

Estelle Morris was the only honest one!

stephan shakespeare

OneNationTory, my phrase 'the uncool majority' was certainly not contemptuous: I've never managed to be cool myself, and you must surely realise that this and my previous pieces for this site have been deeply out of sympathy with those who misunderstand the true strengths of the people both within and outside of London.


It's really simple, offer freedoms to the majority and they'll vote for you. Thatcher knew this. I thought Cameron was getting it and then up pops Gummer and co. from the Major era promising the opposite. So so stupid. I hope I'm wrong but right now I don't think Cameron has the political intelligence to turn it around.

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