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Movingly said, Louise.

The BBC attempts a vague clarification following CBBC attributing 911 to America:


Equally as vague as the BBC attempting to account for screening an edition of Question Time on September 13th 2001 where America was blamed for the attack two days after the event with the fires still burning. I, like thousands, emailed with fury until the BBC server, mysteriously, crashed.

Email contribution to Question Time was subsequently axed because the BBC and the concept of public service broadcasting have yet to be properly acquainted.

The analogue shutdown happening over the next five years would provide an appropriate time to schedule the shut down of the licence fee.

Moral minority

Bin Ladin's team killed 3,000 civilians in the World Trade Centre. Bush's invasion of Iraq has resulted in the deaths of nearly a million civilians. He lied to justified his illegal war and should be tried as a war criminal when he leaves office.

Simon Denis

Yes, the attack on the World Trade Centre was an appalling outrage. BUT are we not sick of the endless, loaded and sentimental publicity it receives? Is New York the only city to have endured such an atrocity? Were not plenty of Americans only too happy to fund an ongoing effort to perpetrate the same sort of horrors in London? Hasn't the language of "9/11" (11/9 to us in the UK) been prostituted in the service of a ludicrous, bloody and utopian war? Hasn't that war in fact brought about the precise opposite of its declared intentions? Terrible events take place across the globe more or less every day. Isolating one event in this way is inevitably suspicious. Of course, the rabid Americanophil right, the neo-cons, the utopians, the do-gooders, the blunt war mongers of the world will portray this as some sort of defeatism. It is not. It is old tory realism. It sees the war in Iraq as the other side of the "multiculti" coin. Just as it was wrongly assumed that immigrants to the modern west would adopt its way, so it was equally stupidly imagined that the people of Iraq would jump at the chance to live a western lifestyle. In the view of these miserable philistines, history, culture and identity count for nothing. Life is a question of GDP. And it is this cohort of brutal, ignorant, unfeeling and dunderheaded fanatics which has grotesquely destabilised the already flaky middle east. Their dishonest song is "9/11, 9/11" as though nobody else in the history of world has ever suffered as much.

Anyone with a sense of history must regard this drivel as poisonous, self-serving drool.


Ah, the tin foil hatters are here. We’ll be onto time travelling space lizards and CIA androids shortly.

Hating the USA makes it so much easier to abdicate from basic humanity. Are we hating the UK too? Yes, I thought so, and mass death on London public transport is our own fault and we had it coming.

'Anyone with a sense of history must regard this drivel as poisonous, self-serving drool.'

I blame the crusades, me.

Jennifer Wells

A beautiful piece Louise. I'm disgusted by contributions three and four on this thread. I hope I never meet their authors. They sound like people with dark rage burning inside them.

Simon Denis

I don't hate the US and I certainly don't hate the UK, nor is there any evidence in my post that I do. Indeed, I am a British patriot, which is why I regard the long American patronage of Irish terrorism as a loathsome affront. As to the emotion which animated my words, it was not "rage" but contempt - contempt for cant, nowadays known as bullsh*t and defined as moralistic posturing. It is typical of the votaries of "bull" that they should ignore arguments and make ad hominem attacks. Is is really so inhumane to object to the way in which a tragedy is prostituted in the service of a blunder? For which read "9/11" and Iraq. Is it such "dark" rage when that blunder has cost so much bloodshed? Clearly, it is not. I should call it righteous anger.

Dawn Lowen

I think its so important to never forget about September 11. Kevin Price also wrote a blog about 9/11. Check it out at www.bizplusblog.com

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