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Tony Makara

Graeme, You are not the only one who prefers art with form and structure. The more abstract a work of art becomes the more it divorces itself from reality. We all feel far more comfortable looking at something we can relate to. I see photography as an art form in itself. I could look at photographs for hours, they are a facinating because they freeze time and make us focus on the moment in hand.

On the subject of New York, I have to say that Broadway has always been a kind of spiritual home for me. I collect Hollywood musicals from the 1930-1960 era, and the concept of 'Putting on a show' and 'Making it on Broadway' are key themes in many of those movies. So New York has a certain magical facination for me.

Annabel Herriott

Oh I do so agree with you Graeme. When faced with "modern art" I am always drawn to the image of a little chimp, paintbrush in hand, blank canvas in front of him/her, contemplating the universe. Shall it be a red dwarf today? Where are my bananas? I need to feed my talent.
My great grandad was a victorian artist who painted folk about their daily grind. Pasting up posters with Newcastle Cathedral in the background. Little kids and their mum, hanging about outside the pub, waiting for dad to fall out. Schools, paper boys, boat builders, country folk.Baking bread. Whatever. Thats Art. Not squiggles.

Tony Makara

I find it facinating how most of the left-wing seem to like a certain type of art, usually works without structure or pretentious surreal trash like Andy Warhol. His famous pop-art representations of Marilyn Monroe are truly dreadful and just look like painted over photocopies. Yet one of these went for a huge amount of money recently. Art mirrors the age and in a decadent era art refelects the social decay that we see all around us.

Graeme Archer

Ooh no! I love Andy Warhol!

Tony Makara

Graeme, it seems decadence has set in. May I recommend you school yourself in romanticism at your earliest convenience. If you enjoy photography may I suggest, corbis.com , just visit the site and type in a subject you are interested in and you can enjoy some really great photography. I like to type in a given year and see what it throws up.

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