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Simon Denis

Your report on the NHS appals and frightens me. That we should have come to this! My next emotion is a fierce anger - even hatred for the people who have brought this state of things about.

Who are they?

The Labour party. They set up the Stalinist health service in the first place. The next sixty years merely witnessed the slow rotting away of standards. To be sure, it has not been as bad as in a fully socialist state. The surrounding relatively free economy has seen abundance sufficient to maintain the creaking structure. Things are different now. The decline in manners and morals; the refusal to train a body of simple, practical nurses; the divisions in the community brought by wave upon wave of mass immigration - all these developments mean that the old virtues of England which alone sustained nationalised healthcare have been eroded. It is - can people not see? - the loss of gentleness and care which is so appalling. Contrary to the saccharine myths purveyed by the likes of Alan Bennett, these qualities are drowned by state largesse and they are fostered by the spirit of self-reliance. A socialist polity, attempting to relieve people of all responsibility, makes them selfish, depending on the man in the uniform to decide, to act and to work for them. This is one of the reasons socialist states collapse, with everyone relying on the next tier of competence. The very spirit of striving is nullified.

Equally important in promoting efficiency and care was the strong sense of togetherness, traditionally engendered in European states by a long history of predominant ethnic homogeneity. This was the tolerationist compromise - humane enough to see that we are all human; humane enough to see that mere humanity is thin gruel when it comes to feeling at home. It stands equipoised between the darkness of fascism and the new darkness of the multiculturalists.

What then, to do? Core vote! Bring out the core vote and promise a revolution against this sterile, inhuman, socialist status quo.

Lindsay Jenkins

Many congratulations on writing as you have done when every word must have been as painful to write as it is to read.

This is not a new situation. My family (for one) has experienced versions of this going back to the 1950s.

Nor is appalling treatment and lack of care limited to the elderly. While individual doctors and nurses as you have described may do their best, the overall system is broken and as far as I can judge has never worked.

I know it is contentious to compare the NHS with the overall US medical system but I have repeatedly been told by British doctors who work here and there that what the NHS offers is roughly the same standard as Medicare in the US – that is for those at the bottom of the pile who cannot pay. And that is what I too have seen during my years living in the US.

The vast range and standard of medical services available to most Americans is not available here other than for the few paying for private medicine.

Why we in this country laud the NHS I cannot fathom but it engenders huge support verging on the hysterical. When you see what others enjoy abroad that support is totalling mystifying.

Jonathan Sheppard

A great article Cameron that certainly echoes the treatment of my grandfather in his final days. He had superb care - but when he couldnt feed himself it was left to my Nana. When she wasnt there he didn't eat.

What I find shocking is the state of so called care homes (both private and local authority controlled) in this country. My Nana who is now 85 gets two buses to go and see her sister in her mid 90's, who is in a care home. Luckily her sister has all her faculties. I am told story after story about how for example, no one comes to take the eldery to the toilet when they need to (as they need help) - and when my Nana has gone to get a member of staff she has been told - what's the worry, the individual has a pad on! Oh - so that's what we should come to expect in this country. When you get old and end up in a care home expect to (and apologies for the language but it really does anger me) sit around in your own piss - because its easier that way.

Who does routine checks on these places? What qualifications do you need to work in them. It is an absolutely disgraceful set of affairs which really makes me not want to ever get old in this country.

Sally Roberts

This is completely and utterly shameful! The excuse is often used that staff are underpaid and morale is low - but that simply does not excuse what amounts to downright cruelty. What is wrong with these staff? Do they not realise that they too will be old one day and may need the care and love they are denying to others?!

Matt Wright

Like others I am genuinely angry about this. So many people I meet relay the same stories. What is going on? Why are elderly people who need help to eat being left food in front of their faces like some form of torture? Sorry I just don't get it. Is it some form of new (sick) thinking - if they can't eat they should fade away - I'm grappling to understand why this problem is so widespread.
Its not just health. We've got the Govt and some senior police claiming crime is down and so many sick stories of defeat in the face of crime. In my area the council took out the glass from bus stations because people were vandalising the glass so the CCTV could not see through them. A few weeks before the police were at the station for press photos saying they had stopped crime at the site!! The real story is that elderly people are waiting in the wet and cold and the criminals have won. What the hell is going on in our society? Cameron get angry this week for all of us and for our country,


Victor, NW Kent

A true Socialist knows that the peasantry and riff-raff do not matter. If they have to make some sacrifices for the good of the State then so be it. It is the ruling elite that matter. It is obviously impossible to provide for their salaries, perks and bullet-proofed, gold-plated pensions if one has to make provision also for the care of people who can no longer work or pay taxes.

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