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Oberon Houston

Theresa, I look forward to the seeing the detail behind your focus areas, but until then Harman could argue that you are in no better a position, no?

John Coles

Harriet? Harriet? Who is she - a chum of Ms May's? For God's sake, she's a Government minister and, as such, the political enemy. Show a little intolerance. I know Ms May labelled her own party the "nasty party", but this matey approach is far too nice.

Melanie Carter

Oberon - fair point about policy, but hasn't Theresa only been in this job for a month?

Tory T

Glad to see Mrs. May taking Labour head on over its contempt for Parliament. As to women's issues, especially glad to see her prepared to tackle Labour's failure to offer support to stay at home mothers and relatives who care for babies. Labour only believes in the working mother and Tories must offer real choice.

Since Cameron promises a real fight on the downgrading of NHS district hospitals, can I suggest Mrs. May as Shad Minister for Women lead the charge on the one policy that really is women-only - the downgrading and closure of local maternity departments in favour of so called regional supercenters that could be miles away from where our wives and daughters live?

Oberon Houston

Melanie, you are absolutley right, Theresa hasn't had much time on this, and seems to be getting on with things very well, but if I were her I would keep my powder dry on this until the charge will stick.

Regarding the other comments about the 'matey' approach. Hardly fair - Harman has been well and truly 'handbagged' again and again by Theresa since they faced each other, infact she has, in my view, been one of the few shadows who have excelled in this regard. For that she rightly deserves praise.

Tony Makara

Women always seem to be fighting an uphill battle. The news yesterday that Jobcentreplus are offering young unemployed women positions in escort work just goes to show that even the DWP is still a long way from affording the women the respect that they deseserve.

As a nation it ought to be a matter of great shame that our government is acting as 'Accessory before the fact' in leading young unemployed women into prostitution. Women taking work with an escort agency would also receive a 100 pound government bonus for finding 'Work' This is tragic.

Why should women be considered ripe for exploitation because they are unemployed and poor.

Tory T

Tony is that really true? Do you have a link?

I hope Theresa May is all over it if so

Tony Makara

ToryT, I'm afraid this news is all too true. Labour's new mantra has become "Off benefits and into exploitation"


Where's the Equality?

Where's the Shadow Minister for Men, sisters?

Or are we not allowed to talk about that in Dave's party?

Michael McGowan

"Women always seem to be fighting an uphill battle". Not in the divorce courts they aren't. The reverse is true.

Automated Robert

Tony Makara:Jobcentreplus are offering young unemployed women positions in escort work

Tory T:I hope Theresa May is all over it if so

I thought Tim wanted the shadow cabinet to cut down on outside jobs?


What measures will be taken to reduce female longevity to match that of men ? Currently the mismatch between differential longevity and pension contributions is leading to vastly higher rates of return on female contributions over male when measured by duration.

Annuity rates are lower for men because of reduced life expectancy vis-a-vis women, but there appear to be no government moves to equalise death rates and morbidity factors for men and women.

Paul Oakley

"Instead of a one-size-fits-all idea for how women should lead their lives, we need policies based on choice for women – free and empowered to make their own decisions."

Very much agree, but it's a little disappointing to see that childcare is not featured as one of Teresa's five priorities. At present, the very rich can afford to stay at home to look after children as can the poorest who are able to rely on the state. For the poor bluddy middle classes there is often no choice: both parents must work.

Would it not therefore be wise to allow the non-working parent to transfer their personal allowance to their partner for tax purposes? Clearly, this would also apply to stay-at-home dads and to those in civil partnerships.


As women make up 51% of the population live longer and are generally in better health than men and get preferential treatment for eveything including seat selection lists and control most things I come across could we have a Minister for the Oppressed Minorty which is Male please Dave?

Sepoy Agent

When I read an article about "What men really want", I might take more notice of this one.
Women will really have arrived when they don't feel the necessity to make everything touchy feely just for them.
Some of the points made are very true, but in fact they are points (eg re payment for childcare costs) which are relevant to a family unit, nothing to do with women's rights.

Sepoy Agent

Forgot to mention - this also applies to the Conservative Party.
Where's the Conservative Men's Organization?

Rachel Joyce

I agree women get a better deal in many ways, and a worse deal in many ways. There are a number of issues that also need tackling for men - such as declining education standards and education more focussed on girls than boys, lack of male role models/ fathers that have little to do with their kids/ fathers that don't see their kids because of mothers that have barred them, the social issues of the decline of the need for unskilled manual labour, etc.
And it is bad for men and women if women get unfair divorce settlements - ends up putting people off marriage - just another to add to the long line of Labour anti-marriage policies.
Don't get annoyed about CWO or Women's Minister, if there are specific issues to be addressed. I get annoyed that I can't go into all men's clubs (except a spouses section which is not designed for the career woman), but I accept it. Argue the case for a men's minister to tackle the problems specific to men.
And on that thread - don't we need an England Minister just as we have a Scots and Welsh?
Fair's fair.

Rachel Joyce

In fact - why doesn't Theresa May announce herself as the Man's Minister as well, and use it as a vehicle to announce a whole load of policy suggestions for Men?

The Minister for Men

Rachel : See here as to why their should be a Minister for Men -


Rachel Joyce

Good stuff - I don't agree with every word on your website, but do with most of it.
It could be an election winning theme - common sense response to political correctness and relatism.


There are a number of issues that also need tackling for men - such as declining education standards and education more focussed on girls than boys,

And it is bad for men and women if women get unfair divorce settlements - ends up putting people off marriage

The Education System is controlled by the political elite. It was effectively centralised with Kenneth Baker's National Curriculum. The Conservative Government created market-driven Examination Boards because it wanted to compete wih ETS Princeton by selling British Exams and testing around the world.

The GCSE was created by Keith Joseph. Throughout the entire Conservative period the education lobby wanted to destroy A-Levels which Thatcher resisted and did not start until she had gone.

As for Divorce. The last time "The Club" passed a Divorce Act was 1973. Since Parliament simply ignored the issue the Judges have had free rein to develop increasingly lunatic judgments in the absence of Pre-Nuptials or any proper reform the system is clogged up with weird ideas from people like Brenda Hale adultress from the Law Commission and now sitting bewigged atop this scandalous mess.

Maybe marriage should have Fixed Term Contracts like any commercial arrangement. It is currently an Employment Contract with Redundancy Terms set by a Tribunal

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