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Stephen Tolkinghorne

"..we - the electorate - will make this happen."

I'd like to see an election, Jorgen, just so that I can see the face of Shameron when he loses to a 100+ seat majority. Whilst it'll mean another five years of the despicable (not)Labour party, it'll still be enjoyable.

We can compare and contrast those pictures with the ones from the evening of the 1997 election, when he got hammered whilst standing in a supposedly safe seat.

Oh, what joys !

Stephen Tolkinghorne

"But the solution to that is straightforward: Let's not do it! In my view, Cameron should just hold his nerve and progress according to the timetable he already had in place."

Would that be the new timetable, or the old one (subsequently chucked in the bin in May 2007), which had time-tabled a lead of about 10% for the Tories in the months after Brown assuming the role of Prime Minister ?


No, Stephen, it is the timetable from 2005 that says that by the end of this month (today in fact!), Brown will abdicate and voluntarily insert Cameron in his place as Prime Minister because the Labour Party had ceased to exist.

Stephen Tolkinghorne

Thanks, Jorgen. I wasn't sure and you've now clarified the situation.

Bruges Group NG

Jorgen- lucky that you live in a country with a mature democracy where silly views like yours get a wider airing than they deserve.

Stephen- don't count your chickens before they hatch. Nurses don't want their 2.5% in monthly installments, and the bodies of our soldiers are coming home from YOUR war on a regular basis.

Who signed the cheques to pay for it ?

David Belchamber

Reading Theresa May's article and the posts that ensued veers from the gung-ho ("bring it on") to the outright defeatist ("Cameron is in big trouble. Wake and smell the coffee").

Britain went into WW2 unprepared for war and with the wrong leader but we ended up on the winning side, having made a major contribution to that victory. We eventually got our act together.

I think we could already have the right leader to beat Brown but it is doubtful that we are fully prepared for an Autumn election - which we just have to be, even if it does not take place.

In cricket if you are struggling to bat against good opposition, you must get back to doing the simple things well and forget anything flashy (Bopara and Broad were a marvellous example of doing just that yesterday; we looked totally beaten at one point but they did the simple things well and saw us through to victory).

I gather that the Party has the money to fight an election now; has it got candidates ready in all constituencies? Who is the one person responsible for seeing to that? Is it the chairman or Michael Ashcroft or who?

Have all the key marginals got all the help from the centre that they need? Who is responsible for seeing to that?

Where policy is concerned, we already know the cornerstone of conservative policy: social responsibility. We want to be told more about how - in practice - central government is to be made smaller and localism encouraged. That all makes sense.

We can only hope that the Party manifesto is already in draft and that it is eyecatching.

What we also need are some battle cries: "Labour isn't working - again", "Has Labour failed YOU?" etc.

Maybe contributors to ConHome can help there instead of moaning.

Edison Smith

- "We can compare and contrast those pictures with the ones from the evening of the 1997 election, when he got hammered whilst standing in a supposedly safe seat."

No Tory seat was safe that night.

As for this 100 seat majority talk - balls to that! There is absolutely no way Brown would get anywhere near that figure.

At the moment, we're talking no change at worst and a Brown majority reduced by a few seats at best.

This 'electoral meltdown' talk makes me laugh. This site does deal an extortionate amount in hyperbole.

Yet Another Anon

>>>>>No Tory seat was safe that night.<<<<<
Most of the seats the Conservatives won were won fairly securely - I don't think there was ever any chance of Huntingdon falling. And seats such as Macclesfield and Congleton which are much less safe were still won fairly easily.


We are indeed in a period of electoral meltdown.

And the key question every activist I meet is asking is 'Where is Chris Grayling?'. He's not the new DD. He's a pail imitation. Maybe he should do some time with The Real Leader to learn the tricks of the trade.

Anyway, I still reckon a quick changeover to Davis would confuse the electorate enough that they might vote for us.

And as I have said before, Davis' tough, no-nonsense attitude to things would win us votes. Guido reported that a member of DD's staff have quit his office in tears. There is no better test of a man's mettle thsn his ability to make a young girl cry.

Andrew Ian Dodge

Some must have missed all the negative polls in the last few months. Brown will get a bounce after his party conference. If he goes then the Conservative Party is stuffed.

Dick Wishart

"we are the party of Lawson, Ridley, Joseph & Thatcher for gods sake" methinks you need to come into the 21st century.
Associations in free fall, what a crass comment not backed up by any evidence.
Truth is the whingers on this site are not tories at all just a load of trolls trying to stir up trouble, they cant go onto their own websites because they are so dire.
Yes Thersa I agree bring it on.


Bruges Group: //"we are the party of Lawson, Ridley, Joseph & Thatcher for gods sake"//

No, not since 2005, when you became "Dave Cameron's Conservatives", which is a completely different kettle of fish.

Mountjoy (The Wilted Rose)

I'm still of the opinion that Brown is too unsure of the polls (and the economy) to call a snap election. He is probably banking on being able to have a general election next May.

But, despite all the opinion polls etc, the tide is turning. The Brown Bounce is deflating, and I'll just illustrate it with this remarkable comment which I've just seen on the Guardian's Comment is Free pages (this is from the Michael White article which is linked on Conservative Home's Frontpage). See below:-

Comment No. 787899
August 31 15:19

"There are 5 main reasons to vote Tory. I never have in my life, but I may well do so next time.

"1. They will scrap ID cards and roll back the surveillance state.
"2. They will actually pursue meaningful policies on climate change.
"3. Relentless taxation may well stop.
"4. They will slow down immigration.
"5. They are committed to a more equal society than the 10 shocking years of Blair/Brown have produced.

"And for what it's worth, I believe Cameron to be more trustworthy than either of them.

"So after 30 years of voting Labour, I'll probably vote Tory for the first time. This is not about right/left, this is about a better government, for a better society. More of the same from Brown is not an option."

I know it is just one person, but it does show how times are a - changin' :-)


With all the problems this goverment has it should be like 'Shooting at a larg open gaol' instead we can not even kick the ball in the right direction. The policies are there but the team is lacking. An election now would be a nightmare.


As an activist, I am delighted to see another member of our top management team participate actively in a grassroots blog. Well done Theresa May.

Edison Smith

Mountjoy (The Wilted Rose):

That was in the Guardian?? It must be a plant; somebody at CCHQ had some spare time in their lunchbreak.

Not that I contest the content.



Simon Lee: Cameron in danger of losing a heavyweight fight


There is no better test of a man's mettle thsn his ability to make a young girl cry./I>


Yet Another Anon

>>>>>Brown will get a bounce after his party conference.<<<<<
The TUC conference might be a bit rough - various public sector workers are agitating for pay rises.

He'll get an easier ride at the Labour conference. David Cameron and Menzies Campbell may well get a bit of a tough time at their conferences.



Who voted for this 2005 Act ?

Justin Hinchcliffe

Well, we're ready in Tottenham (no kidding!) but the organisation or, rather, non-organisation in certain marginals is VERY depressing, to say the least.


I hope that we get into power, and that David Davis is able to enact his far-reaching, modern and compassionate law and order policies.



It may well be on sooner than you think. Rumours are flying around that Tuesday will be the day Brown will announce the election. Anyone care to check No. 10's diary to see if his engagements have been cleared?

Mountjoy (The Wilted Rose)

Edison Smith, I actually know several Guardian readers who are going to vote Tory and have been won over by Cameron, so it actually rings true.

The problem is winning over the North, though!

Patsy Sergeant

Just as one gets BORED with the trollywallies repetitious posts on this thread and others, SO the slow British public will wake-up to the fact that their latest prime minister - who has set himself up as Sir Galahad (not in looks you understand!) rushing around trying to appear to do the right thing in all these emergencies, without actually producing ANYTHING POSITIVE. So whats new! Mr. Brown won't be able to spin himself out of what he has been spinning for ten years, it is too much of a habit now. And he can't even keep the unions happy despite his stalinist leanings.

So trollywallies go and do the Lambeth Walk to your own terminus!

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