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Matt Wright

Interesting reading the defeatist claptrap of the Jorgen/Tolkinghome/DavisFan headbangers who have clearly wished the party ill for many months and appear to relish the thought of allowing permanent Labour rule. We are in a battle and we fight as we stand with what we have and as a team and sod the whingers. In every threat there is an opportunity and if we are bold and focused we may well win. If Brown calls an early election fine, it will be so crass and cut-and-run, we should relish the fight and tell the public so. His suprise should be met by our own suprises for him. We should and I am sure will, fight a bold and very focused battle aimed bang on his weakneses. Perhaps not being able to have more time to prepare will help by forcing us to focus on what will really count and nothing else,


Stephen Tolkinghorne

"We are in a battle and we fight as we stand with what we have...."



Well well well....interesting point there about calling a snap election, Theresa. INTERESTING POINT INDEED.

Dave Wills

So Ms May will you show you are a woman of your word and believe in honour? Please tell us when you (as a Prime Minister with no democratic mandate) will call a new general Election? Thanks.

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