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James Maskell

The Policy structure is patheticly organised. Cameron changes policy on the spot while setting up Policy Groups, some of which he will disregard because it doesnt fit in with his own priorities. Stand Up Speak Up is a fad that will last to the end of the year. In the meantime the CPF is a shell of its former self and with a much reduced CRD, the capacity to come up with policy outside of the Policy Groups has shrunk. The Party machinery and membership has been ignored in the search for ultra-populist policies. The entire structure is a fudge.


The credibility of the party has been lost with the comprehensive abandonment of policies that we had said we would implement if we had won the 2005 election.

David Belchamber

"There are three key components to a political offering: personality, policy, and process. Candidates for leading the nation must appeal to the voter on all three".

I am delighted to see you write in such terms and agree wholeheartedly with your identification of the the three Ps. Too little concern has thus far been shown for the last one: Process.

The Hubris Syndrome by Dr David Owen should be required reading for all conservatives, as it analyses Blair's behaviour and identifies the causes of his incompetence.

I have regularly stated here that Nulab could not organise the proverbial party in a pub and have appealed for evidence to suggest that the conservatives could. After the fiascos of the grammar schools and the list of A & E/Maternity unit closures, I wonder if we are going to be any better.

Michael Howard, in an open letter to John Reid just after he had become Home Secretary, told him that government was largely about "process", not eye-catching initiatives. He was right; are we ready yet to govern?


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