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Tony Makara

I must say that I question the idea that 5% of our children suffer from ADHD. Children are bt nature very egocentric and often are locked into their own little world. That of course doesn't mean that these children are attention deficient. Children are often very finicky and frenetic, but again that doesn't mean they are hyperactive. Sadly, there is a trend among certain parents, backed up by health officials, that believes a child should be compliant at all times. Such an attitude does not accept or understand that egocentric behaviour in children is normal and needs to run its course. I am completely opposed to the doping of our children.


I have taught many kids that take Ritalin. I can honestly say it leads to dramatic improvement in only few cases.I am no doctor. However, I assume that in the cases where it does work well, it is a genuine need. In other cases, it is seen as 'doing something' about a good behavioural barrier.

Money is better spent 'doing something' by not dumping all kids in the same education system. More specialised schools, more special needs schools, more appropriate curriculums, more parental responsibility- that is where the answers lie. The Conservatives now potentially have the answers- do not let us down.

Chris Palmer

Surely this is one of the symptoms of the 'broken society' which David Cameron says he wants to heal: that instead of understanding why children behave badly (due to a lack of a proper upbringing and discipline within the family), society just pumps children full of drugs without thinking of the effects.

I suspect that in a very large number of cases, 'ADHD' is not the cause of children's behaviour and is just an easy excuse.

It is a sad reflection on our society that people have resorted to using mind altering drugs to curb something which is not the real problem. I hope that David Cameron will propose proper measures to do something about it.


Perhaps Ritalin should be thought of in the same way as Cocaine, or vice-versa:


James Maskell

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