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Yet Another Anon

>>>>>The Head of the British Section in the ECHR is a British Judge<<<<<
Doesn't matter where he comes from, the fact is that the ECHR going back before the Human rights Act was introduced has been used by terrorists and other criminals as a means of hampering attempts by the authorities to fight crime and terrorism.

Yet Another Anon

>>>>>An absurd copout - there was a choice either to agree that the ECHR was right or that it was wrong and so either to continue to recognise decisions of the European Court or withdraw completely.

What does that mean ?<<<<<
It means exactly what it said, if it is believed something is right to have as part of the law then it should be implemented as part of the law, if not then it shouldn't be.

Being signed up to something where the authorities position is that it is limiting their options for action and harming Criminal Justice and Anti-Terrorist policy is absurd, the answer in those circumstances is to reject it totally; Having it as difficult to access it for most people is not good enough, if it is wrong then it should be abolished completely, it is not desirable for people in UK prisons to be able to appeal to judicial authorities over the head of British courts who can then come back and say that the original decision was not acceptable.

This country needs fast efficient justice, not millions of loopholes to be exploited based on abstract concepts of "Human Rights". The people taking the decisions are Humans, it's not as if there is some kind of species difference between the legislators and the general public, legislators can apply their own concepts of what people need and whether they deserve it or not as each piece of legislation comes up to be drafted and amended and passed or rejected.


And, Yet Another Anon, the Government can make a declaration of non-compatibility and is not bound by the ECHR if it so wishes.

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