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A Tory Tax Cutter

4. Do you know something we don't Louise? As far as I'm aware we have NOT promised to scrap inheritance tax. If only we had!!!!


3. We will scrap the Human Rights Act: Enough said.

Fine but you are still bound by the ECHR which is a ratified treaty

You are also potentially bound by the European Charter as soon as the ECJ in Brussels opines as such

The EU directives are still binding

The UN Convention on Refugees 1951 as Modified 1967 in New York is still binding and ratified

This is a soundbite of no value whatsoever.

The public has heard it all before and no longer believes a word. It is disingenuous to think the HRA makes much difference - it simply gives a UK Judge the ability to take into account the ECHR - the Strasbourg Court is still the final court of appeal.....

The Case Law has already established precedents in English Law that you cannot reverse even if you remove the HRA - the Court of Appeal and Law Lords can still use those precedent cases

It would be a good idea to chat with Dominic Grieve before making comments that will need to be retracted

Ken Stevens

Like the curate's egg: good in parts.

..But how does Louise know what the next manifesto (Tory or otherwise) will be comprised of?

Perhaps better tell DC and his guru and save everyone a lot more drafting effort!

Jennifer Wells

This is a good list Louise - your passion for the cause is admirable.

I have two quibbles with your list, however:

1. Our policy on the NHS is feeble. Stopping cuts without real reform is disappointing.

2. George Osborne hasn't promised to abolish IHT.

James Maskell

I never thought Id consider either abstaining or spoiling my ballot, but under Cameron's leadership that has become a very plausible option.

Think about it

"A vote for UKIP is a vote for Labour"

LOL. I'm sure many would see that as a good thing if it keeps the incompetent Team Cameron out of power.


If someone passionately opposes state funding of political parties, who can they vote for to register this belief?

If someone passionately believes that immigration numbers should be controlled (eu and non-eu), who can they vote for to register this belief?

If someone passionately believes that the *overall* tax burden needs to be reduced, who can they vote for to register this belief?

If someone wants a voice in the euro-parliament, how could they vote for a party whose member grouping (MER) comprises of an embarrassingly impotent and small three parties?

Unfortunately, 'Conservative' does not apply to any of the above. I wish it did. But, it doesn't.

And, as noted above, please clarify what you know about the scrapping of IHT. Are you trying to deceive us by making a 100% pledge that actually does not exist or do you know something we don't?


All of this and tax cuts as well, get real woman, what planet are you living on?
Do you think the British Electorate are that Crazy?

What you seem to forget, the Conservatives have David Camerloony for a leader and they ain't going anywhere until they get a proper Conservative at the helm.
Dream on lady dream on,
I love it!!!


I get incredibly frustrated with ideas like yours James Makell.You have only one choice as a Briton,either to be governed by the Labour or the Conservative party. If you can't distinguish which one is better try thinking about the lesser of two evils.Spoiling your ballot achieves nothing at all.
Louise, all I can say about your article is that I hope you're right!

The Monitor

I live in hope that one of the main things that an incoming Conservative Government will do is to set people free from the state. Over the last decade "The State" has become ever more powerful, ever more controlling of our lives, we have become a people persecuted and oppressed by the state and bound by evermore rules, regulations and laws. Voters should be aware that if re-elected a Labour Government will continue with its relentless push to control even more aspects of our lives and continue to curtail the freedoms of our citizens. It doesn't have to be like this.

I personally dislike and distrust large Government, whether it be local, national or international and that is why I will vote Conservative, believing as I do that they also believe in small Government.

Louise Bagshawe

Tory TaxCutter and Jennifer Wells,

I apologise, you are right. Not "abolish" IHT, just "dramatically cut it". The way I read George Osborne's article in the Mail, we are going to slash IHT and he is considering the family home as a start point (but I believe other things will also be cut). I can't say for sure it will be totally abolished but it's clear that it will be pared to the bone if not abolished.

Osborne has been crystal clear about this - and as for scrapping the HRA, I don't know how often or how more clearly David Cameron can say it. He said it first more than a year ago. "We will scrap the Human Rights Act". Does that mean withdrawing from the ECHR? Possibly, I cannot be certain. Perhaps an opt-out. What is certain is that we will get rid of it if it can't be modified. The papers repeated Cameron's pledge to scrap it just yesterday.

But I fear there are a few ConHome commenters who would not accept it if Cameron put out a statement that today was Thursday :)

Think about it:

Your first point - you will have to decide what is more important to you - no state funding however limited, or a referendum on the Treatystution. I would suggest that no political party ever advocates every single thing a voter believes. Voting, like government, is about informed choice.

Your second - the Conservatives, since we are pledged to reduce overall numbers;

Your third - the Conservatives, who are pledged to reduce the overall tax burden during the life of the parliament;

Your fourth - again, you should vote for a major party that does not do immoral things such as vote against a motion condemning female circumcision, the only party in the whole Euro Parliament to do so. What possible justification was there for that? The Conservatives will be the British government. UKIP are a protest party. I suppose it depends if you want to effect change, or assist Labour in their dismantling of our self-government.

James Maskell

12 months ago, I would have agreed with you malcolm. Cameron's changes to Party policy and the way he has conducted himself with the faithful worries me greatly. I havent trusted Cameron since the leaked A-List memo, so my disenchantment goes back a while.


Under point 8, I think Dave's principled position on Europe rather came undone when he funked the whole EPP question. I'd also point out that amidst the Party's highly confused tax position seems one clear message that there won't be OVERALL tax cuts as whatever is removed will be made up for by 'green' taxes, which will either directly hit (or be passed onto) consumers.

Chris Palmer

malcolm, if James doesn't want to vote Conservative at the next election, then that is up to him. However, it's not as though he's in a minority. More people didn't vote at the last General Election than voted Conservative. There are clearly reasons why this is the case, but both Labour and Conservatives at the moment don't really seem to be listening.



UKIP will give you 3 out of 4

Tory Tax Cutter

Louise, you have done it again. "The Conservatives, who are pledged to reduce the overall tax burden during the life of the parliament".

This is another inaccurate assertion. As far as I am aware we have NOT said we will reduce the overall tax burden during the life of the next Parliament. Again, oh that we had!

It also makes you look amateur if you keep making commitments that will turn out to be false.

Better Off Out

Britain can withdraw from the European Convention of Human Rights. It is not a condition of EU membership. Blair took us in.

The Charter of Fundamental Rights will enshrined in the constitutional treaty. Once Britain ratifies it, without a referendum if Brown gets his way, it can only be overturned with the agreement of ALL the other EU states.

There may be a need for amendments to the Human Rights Act to reflect the CFR once the constitutional treaty is ratified.

David Cameron's promise to abolish the Human Rights Act is only relevant if Brown calls a general election before the constitutional treaty is ratisfied. If not, Cameron would have to promise to renegotiate EU Treaties which would be virtually impossible. The only practical option would be to leave the EU.

We are Better Off Out!

Bring back Redwood

Tory Tax Cutter is right.

George Osborne, while commenting on the Redwood report, made it clear that the Conservatives would NOT have an election pleadge to cut the overall burden of taxation. The "share the proceeds of growth" pledge is now reduced to an aspiration.

Ms Bagshawe is demonstrating her inexperience. Her predecessor in Corby would be much better.


You're right of course Chris Palmer.But my point is what did those who didn't vote achieve? Nothing at all in my opinion.

Think about it

UKIP will give you 3 out of 4"

I know. UKIP are a vital protest vote and alternative voice to the LibLabCon-sensus. They have a good agenda and a charismatic leader who believes in the agenda he espouses.

On the downside however, they are an organisational shambles, and display not even the slightest hint of improving this and thus are a vital, essential influence, but will never rise to become a fully-fledged political party, unfortunately.

It is a lack of professionalism not support that is holding them back. A party of lions, led by a lion, supported by donkeys.

Louise Bagshawe

Tory taxcutter, we have indeed said that. We have said we will share the proceeds of growth between the public services and tax relief and that this will lead to lower taxes. Cameron's first statement of belief is "we believe in lower taxes".

What we aren't doing is promising upfront, unfunded tax cuts. That is not the same thing at all as saying "we will keep the tax burden as it is" as you appear to believe.



" Yes, I used to be a sceptic on climate change. Then I went out into my garden last Christmas and my rosebush was in bud. I’m not a sceptic now. "

Global warming is not a matter of dispute. The cause of global warming is a matter of dispute. Please tell us how your rosebush blooming at Christmas proves that global warming is due to man-made carbon pollution.

Old Hack

Please remember these UKIP headbangers are incorrigible, so please don't incorridge them.

It only makes them feel important whan they are actually irrelevant. Enough said.


Hello Louise Bagshawe

'The Conservatives will be the British government. UKIP are a protest party. I suppose it depends if you want to effect change, or assist Labour in their dismantling of our self-government.'

Yes, the Conservative party will win the next election unless we do anything spectacularly stupid because the Brown government is fatally flawed both by inheritance and intent.

I am not entirely sure why there is this level of panic and recrimination here given that the Brown boing is simply a predictable and temporary blip.

UKIP are past their sell by date and any latent electoral attrition can be cured in an instant with a definitive statement about a referendum.

Meanwhile, back in Corby. I wouldn't mention England too much.


What we aren't doing is promising upfront, unfunded tax cuts.

How about unfunded public spending as currently ?


"You're right of course Chris Palmer.But my point is what did those who didn't vote achieve? Nothing at all in my opinion."

Agree with you there Malcolm. The Apathy vote use the complaint that they don't have anyone to vote for and politicians don't engage with them, but that is just a lazy argument.
This is a democracy, you can either get off your butt and be part of the process as a politician, candidate, activist or voter. But no one changes anything by sitting at home doing nothing while b*tching about those that do, what ever their political affiliations.

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