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“Dogs are socialists, cats are Tories”

Dogs are likeable but stupid creatures, for whom loyalty to the pack and its leader transcends individual thought, desires and feelings, not to mention logic and common sense.

Cats, meanwhile, are intelligent and know their place at the top of the food chain. They are capable of love, affection and loyalty at a deeper level than dogs because it is based on enlightened self-interest rather than blind obedience.

Ultimately, this leads to a much more fulfilling relationship between feline and human or, on occasion and with carefully selected friends, between feline and feline.

Didactophobe agrees with Alexander's thesis.

M. Anon

Spot on regarding Ali Miraj and Graham Brady. Second the banging of activist head against brick wall at stupidity of those who should know etter.

Sally Roberts

Spot on also Graeme regarding the State's disgraceful intrusion into that most private area of our lives!

Matt Wright

Agree that the law commissions proposals are a nonsense although there will be lots of money for the legal profession if they went ahead,



Excellent article Graham, agree with your points regarding the renewed calls for a change to the legislation on cohabiting couples. last week someone called me fatuous, illogical and idiotic because I thought that civil partnerships strengthen the institute of marriage, while on the other hand this government and the Law society are undermining marriage and trying to impose state control.

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