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Tony Makara

Theresa, Should any of us be surprised at the lack of invention from a fatigued government. Labour are the experts at revamp. Last years presents in this years wrapping. They clearly have nothing new to offer and thats why the so-called Brown bounce won't last. We only have to look at the body language of Labour frontbenchers to see that they are a spent force. No dynamism, and more importantly no self-belief. They know they can't fix broken Britain. They don't have the will to do so. Labours raison d'etre now is simply to stay in power. Satisfied and sated.


This is all so true but what are we going to do about it? But so what? Moaning about Brown not playing by the rules gets us nowhere.
We need better policies, delivered with passion, that grab the news agenda away from old NuLab. We need to set the agenda. That means hard work from all of the Shadow cabinet


Well stop whinging at us and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT THEN


I feel sorry for Theresa. She has been sidelined and given a boring job by Dave. You only have to look at her miserable face at PMQs to see how unhappy she is.

Theresa might feel better is she had some substantial Conservative policies to promote. Sadly, all we get from Dave and CCHQ is spin too. Just pity the poor lass!

Tony Makara

Dismayed, If you want to win the next election get behind David Cameron and fight to win. Your talk is negative and defeatist. Theresa has got a very important job and I can't see how you could think it to be boring. Stop being negative. Do you want Labour out or not?


Tony, Shadow Leader of the House is one of the most boring briefs. It deals mainly with Commons business rather than a department with significant responsibility.

At the moment, I cannot see any difference between Conservative and Labour policies. Where is the "clear blue water" on health, education and transport?

Cameron has backed city academies rather than grammar schools. He is supporting Labour's absurd spending on the NHS and wants to tax and ration cheap flights.

Loyalty and respect have to be earned rather than expected automatically. When Cameron delivers real Conservative policies, I will back him with time and money.


I see that Tony delivers the usual "Save Dave" mantra: "Do you want Labour out or not?"

The answer from many of us is: absolutely, but not until we have real Conservative policies in place.


However every single one of these 23 Bills has been announced before.

Well, the new Prime Minister is telling you what he is going to do, inviting comments from - among others - the Conservative Party.

You want change? So do I. Change "David Cameron's Conservatives" back to the Conservative Party. Then you would also have arguments to oppose whatever Brown come up with.

Michael Davidson

Theresa - there's no point moaning about Brown, you need to get on to Cameron and tell him to sort his act out.

Blaise Matthews

It comes as no surprise that Brown is dishing out the same old thing. However we need an efficient opposition to this! Theresa is an excellent politician yet she has been given this relatively unimportant brief. Can our leader not recognise talent, does he have no killer instinct. I really hope the answers are no but I’m sure many would agree that we are yet to see evidence to the contrary.
Also I’m fed up of hearing this old line that we have to get behind Cameron or labour will get in. Grass root support is something to work on and nurture not discount and expect!!!!


Blaise: Also I’m fed up of hearing this old line that we have to get behind Cameron or labour will get in.

This argument is another "Save Dave" argument: I have stated in several comments:
1) who is not officially behind Cameron apart from us? Noone! The MPs are - God knows why! - behind him (officially).
2) Does the public read this site? No, so rebellion here does not matter in terms of votes.

Conclusion: The latest polls therefore show that the voters either don't like Cameron personally, his implied + stated policies and/or his handling.


I see in Daily Telegraph that they talk about a "Brown boost". Since he is not a new face and since no one in the UK consider him exiting (at best he is considered a safer pair of hands than the alternative), I believe the "boost" is a "Blair-gone recovery" rather than a boost.

Dick Wishart

Excellent piece by Theresa May, NOW the Party needs to get into the press/media, its no good telling us about these things if the wider population are told also.

Dick Wishart

Sorry should not told also

Tony Makara

The argument isn't about saving Dave but rather about saving the defeatists from themselves. A small but very vocal minority is giving the impression that David Cameron is not popular. That is just not true. The people I've spoken to, both political and non-political, are very impressed with David Cameron's modern approach to political campaigning. David knows what is needed to make the party electable. Those who are critical of David Cameron can't see that the political landscape has changed.


Tony Makara, a third of my association have resigned or let their membership lapse in the last year. That's how popular Dave is amongst the activists.


Tony, so it is a small and vocal minority?

How do you explain the polls I commented on above? (answer: you didn't in yesterdays thread on the topic)

How do you explain the comments from readers in Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail, both Conservative newspapers that summarily demolish Cameron?

How do you explain the poll in Daily Mail telling that 75% of those voting saw him as a failure.

Tony Makara

Jorgen, Opinion polls reflect the opinions of those asked, not the opinion of the entire population. Those who write critical letters of leaders are far more likely to be published than those who write offering support. The Daily Mail poll reflects those who voted, including many Labour supporters who want to see David ousted because they fear him.

Dismayed, I obviously can't speak for your association. I just feel that people are not giving David Cameron time. The next election is likely to be called early and we will see David Come to the fore during the campaign because David Cameron is right for Britian now. He is the prime minister we need.


Tony, you are in serious denial if you totally discard polls that give Labour 9% plus. Likewise with your insinuation that a national Newspaper should pick and choose between the comments!

Labour voters more likely voted *for* Cameron in Mail's poll. Labour know they have nothing to fear from Cameron, which is why Brown consider whether to call an election now. Get it?

Tony Makara

Jorgen, I sincerly hope Gordon Brown is foolish enough to call an autumn election based on these snapshot polls. I maintain that David Cameron will be at his most effective in a high profile three week campaign. Gordon Brown and Labour will be completely exposed at the next election.

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