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Jennifer Wells

Thank you Mrs May. We need to do much more to show that every Brown budget was a deceit.

Man in a Shed

Perhaps its time to give a new name to the West Lothian Question ? Mostly because I doubt the broader electroate really gets excited by that phrase, even if they should.

The English Question, or the English freedom agenda ?

The point is that it needs to get into the broader imagination of the people of England that Gordon Brown is trying to slice them up as the British Regions, and serve them a government which didn't even gain the most votes in England.

The English people understand fairness and are offended by cheating and underhand advantage. They need to the fact that Labour is cheating them explained again and again.

David Belchamber

Thank you very much for your pertinent and tempered comments. Exactly the right tone. Where GB is concerned we must confuse the issue with facts and do not let him do a Blair - or particularly an Ed Balls - where he avoids the question and then turns it into a false accusation against the tories.
The three points in your final para must be repeated ad nauseam until they are properly addressed.


Gordon Brown's relationship with reality has always been at best tenuous.

Blair lied in a way that made you feel you had somehow made a mistake in believing the truth.
Brown is not even aware of a difference between aspiration, promise and delivery. It's all just a blur.

Thank God Theresa May can put a little definition into the Brown blur, showing herself a skilled communicator in writing, as well as on TV.

Matt Wright

Brown is a master of spin. All he is doing is just new spin from the same old new Labour,



Keep pushing "The English Question" and state that the regional assemblies will be scraped and replaced with an English Assembly with the same powers as the Scotish one.


I've not necessarily been supportive of Theresa before, but this was a very effective article. I'd now like to hear her views of making the House of Lords democratic

TFA Tory

The lack of respect for Parliament arises from the fact that we are now ruled by unelected bureaucrats from Brussels. To have an effect national Parliament that is worthy of the name, Britain must leave the EU.

Andrew Lilico


Theresa produced a YourPlatform article on Lords reform a few months back: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/platform/2007/03/theresa_may_mp_.html

Evan Price

On the constitutional questions, I have been posting a detailed commentary on my blog ... my own view is that most of the much vaunted changes are little more than an attempt to shift the focus or changes that will have little practical effect.

Patsy Sergeant

Mr. Brown is like a tank ploughing his way forward.... Mrs. May illustrates the problems clearly and concisely, and I think she manages to describe the way Mr. Brown is ploughing his way forward whether we like it or not, and that, worryingly even he doesn't have a clue where exactly he is taking us. I think it is fairly alarming!

Tory T

Theresa May impresses yet again as she has done with her last three ConHome articles. An excellent example of a politician ignoring the brickbats and getting on with the job. She's been holding Labour's feet to the fire and this article has a lot of support from all sides.

Blaise Matthews

Once again an exemplary article by Theresa May, if only more of the shadow cabinet had her conviction. Browns abhorrent use of spin is typical of labour and I hope that Theresa is put in a senior capacity from which she can bring about his inevitable downfall.

Joe James Broughton

Lots of good ammunition here from Theresa, and I'm very grateful for this & to use it.
We need to capitalise on our 911 gains in the May elections.
I would urge Theresa, and the Shadow team, however, to go a bit harder on the specifics on tax and incompetently run government projects.
We can't expect specific tax cuts as opposition pledges, but a greater sense of urgency that it will be done when affordable - and the economic case needs to be repeated - if individuals, families and businesses are taxed less, they will create more wealth - and - longer term - more revenue for the Exchequer.

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