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Tory T

Love it Graeme! Light relief on a Sunday morning. Lucky you to be in Verona. It's pouring down here.


Biggest load of old cobblers I have read in years "Innit Mate"

"Light relief" I would rather take a laxative for that Tory T, it produces the same effect

Tony Makara

I support the backing for marriage, however I'm a little concerned about the compulsion for single mothers to find work. Its not that I'm against the mothers working, rather, what worries me is the thought of young children at home having to fend for themselves while mum is working.

Imagine a scenario where a mum works locally in a pub or as a cleaner and she doesn't finish until very late and the kids are left roaming the streets and banding up with older children and are getting into mischeif at all hours. This only contributes to social breakdown. I've seen this scenaro played out in the area where I live so I know it happens. If we are to eradicate social breakdown and anti-social behaviour then the mother really ought to be at home with her children, to offer a safe base for them, and to monitor their behaviour.

Jennifer Wells

Very enjoyable Sunday morning read. Thanks Graeme.

Hackney man

Thanks Graeme, a nice mixture for a sunday.

A short note for Joseph - I'm sure that a quick search on the internet will help you find the type of "Light relief" club you are looking for...


Well Hackney man, I certainly will not find them around the "Working Men's Clubs up in "Sarf Yorkshire" which is the normal watering hole for ex-miiners like myself, but if you do care to pay a visit to any of them, I would suggest taking a cushion would be a very good and practical idea indeed.


Well done Graeme,I thought you'd be good and you were. If you're still in Verona,do try to get hold of a bottle of Amerone.Absolute heaven!

Ben Locker

Fine column, Graeme. Pleasant, witty and deft. I think the Telegraph could do with more stuff like yours...


Ben Locker.
I know the Telegraph is not exactly the best friend of Mr Cameron or the rank and file Conservatives at the moment, but would you really want the Newspaper to go into oblivion as surely it would if that lot of trash was printed on a regular basis.
After all it has attracted ALL of 8!!! replies and two of them were to me, and one was from a wine connoisseur, he has good taste I must admit though.
Wow just think 8 readers, I am sure that would pay the wages and overheads of the Telegraph and keep them solvent and their shareholders in the manner they feel they deserve.

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