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        Jeff in MI

        Proof of the existence of the WMD's has been confirmed, this out.


        I am very sorry that this blog is going into hibernation.Personally I find it much more interesting to discuss the issues of the day rather than talk about a contest that is not going to happen for months

        Adrian Owens

        I agree with Malcolm.

        Come on Editor, the party's recovery starts with a debate about ideas, not the beauty contest on the other blog.

        James Hellyer

        It's a shame that blog has gone into hibernation. It would have a good home for the "issues" involved in the leadership race, rataher than the people (which is where the Leadership blog focusses).

        For example, the round table in the Spectator offers a lot of ground for such a discussion...


        Fair enough! I surrender.

        I'll add a 'strategy blog' in the next 48 hours...

        James Hellyer

        Yay! I think there's a very fruitful discussion to be had about the role of the state and the provision of public services. Personally I was appalled by Lord Heseltine's defeatism and Nick Herbert's failure to put them all straight. Maybe the Spectator should have invited James Bartholmew along!


        Thanks Editor.Always thought you were a top bloke!

        James Hellyer

        It looks like summer is here...

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