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        Colin Linford

        I'm worried that the constitution ratification process, with Mr. Blairs's active connivance, will be subject to the usual EU smoke and mirrors act to try and show that the new EU constitution will not be harmful to Britain, and will then not be put to the promised referendum - by which time it will be too late for Britain's citizens to vote or have any say in the decision The referendum should not be shelved, postponed, or abandoned. Plse keep up the pressure on the government to hold this referendum

        Luke Wood

        As much as I would have liked to see the consitution squashed by a British no-vote, watching Mr Blair squirm as he attempts to take on the rest of Europe is proving to be entertaining.

        Paul Marks

        We must not lose sight of the basic point that our policy is to take powers back from the E.U.

        One of our big problems is that many people do not believe us when we say we are going to take the powers back (just as most voters do not believe us when we say we are going to cut taxes).

        We must not be sidetracked by the Constitution - we must pound home the basic message every time we get a chance. We will take the powers back from the E.U. - if they wish to impose regulations concerning our exports to them (as they do) that is one thing, but to impose regulations concerning domestic production and consumption or exports to third party nations is unacceptable.

        Also unacceptable are efforts to control British assets (such as fish stocks) and efforts to steal more money from British taxpayers.

        As the major E.U. nations sell us far more than we sell them, they are in no position to make threats. If they refuse (after formal talks) to accept that their regulations no longer apply here, a Conservative government should pass a Statute in Parliament declaring that they no longer apply here. There is nothing that E.U. can do about this - threats of trade sanctions will not work (for the above reason) and they have no army to enforce their will.

        Paul Marks.

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