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        Sean Fear

        I think that "Tory grandees" like French Enarques, and their counterparts throughout the continent, just have a problem with democracy per se. Unfortunately, the public at large have an irritating habit of coming up with answers they don't like, and so the solution is to deny them the opportunity to express themselves.

        Hesseltine probably has no idea how arrogant, contemptous and out of touch he appears to be.

        Scott Campbell at Blithering Bunny

        The proposed reforms would mean that the Guardianistas at the BBC will have more of a say in who gets to be the Conservative leader than the Conservative party members themselves will, because MPs will be influenced by who they think will go down well on BBC.

        But, of course, if Clarke was installed the BBC would turn on him in an instant, and his tobacco company work would suddenly become a major scandal.


        We need Davis in because the Tory party have spectacularly failed in preventing England being regionalised. David Davis will give England a referendum on an English Parliament and scrap the unwanted and unelected regional assemblies.

        EU Serf

        These Wets have no reason to still be in the Tory party. How anyone can be Europhile and still claim to be a Tory is beyond me. The EU is Big Government Writ large, the very thing that Conservatism is supposed to be against.

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