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        Isn't the reason that no anti-Davis leadership contender has emerged yet is because there isn't a vascancy for a leader and hopefully won't be for some time.
        I am neither for or anti Davis (don't really know enough about what his policies are) but I've been incredibly dissappointed with the actions of some of his supporters this week.I sincerely hope they acted without his authority or support.Otherwise we'll be back to the days of an ill disciplined parliamentary party which will have absolutely no chance of winning a general election.
        I do agree with youu that as a party we do need to discuss 'finding ways of making the state sector work better'.
        We promised to match Labour spend on Health and Education during the last election campaign but didn't communicate what we were going to do with the extra money.This for me was one of the major reasons we were so heavily beaten.
        If we are going to maintain a 'tax and spend' agenda we need to be very imaginative in how we manage the state sector otherwise we will not be offering the British people a genuine alternative to the Labour party.

        Jonathan Sheppard

        I think the comment of "offering a real alternative" hits the nail on the head. At the last election the Lib Dems pretended to be offering a real alternative - yet in many seats their candidates failed to put a single piece of paper out. The Lib Dems aren't an alternative, and the Conservative party is no faced with a much weakened Labour party, with an unpopular Prime Minister.

        The time has come for our big guns to turn them outwards onto New Labour and its failings (and lets be frank - there are plenty of them to have a go at).

        Pressure needs to be put on Blair - Will we be getting a Referendum on the Constitution? If not why not. He may want time for reflection. I'm 30, and have never been asked for a view on Europe, so perhaps we've had plenty of time for reflection.

        Lets take a look at Crime, and drugs. He wants to ban hooded tops - yet he downgraded cannabis. Lets fight him on that one. The list goes on.

        Whoever has leadership ambitions needs to show that they are a street fighter - and prepapred to take the fight to Labour - not once they are in place - but now.


        Crime and Europe are not the issues that matter. AS the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth showed, its best to attack your opponents strengths, because it is there that you can be most devastating.

        So we need to build up a reputation on healthcare, economic management, education and pensions.

        So lets see what Lansley, Osborne, Cameron and Rifkind come up with between now and the start of the contest.


        While only a young conservative (only 18 years old) it is clear to me that David Davis, or someone of his political viewpoint, is essential to the survival of the Tory party.

        While the anti-Davis candidates, Cameron, Duncan, Lansley, May, Rifkind, Clarke and many others are determined to put the party "into the centre ground" this isn't what the party needs.

        The Tory party must offer an alternative to labour, by copying their social policy we would be commiting suicide.

        It is clear that the majority of ethnic and all other minorities have never voted for the conservatives in significant numbers and therefore these are not the people hat forced the party out of power

        The people that did force the party out of power, not only middle class but some working class people, are the ones we must target.

        By convincing them that, tax cuts, euroscepticism, minimum government interference into their lives and real reform of the public services, i.e privitisation and opening them up to the market, are actually going to help them live their lives then these people and the ability to regain power will always be out of reach of the conservatives.

        This is exactly what David Davis offers and to turn him down to become an ,essentially, New Labour copy would betray the party of Pitt, Peel, Disraeli, Churchill and Thatcher and all of Great Britain

        Cllr John Ireland

        Well said Louis, you may only be 18 but you have a shrewd head on your shoulders. David Davis is the best chance we, as a party of the right, have to survive. We must stand up for Conservative values and put our country first, unlike most of the other contenders, who only put themselves first.

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