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        Peter Berrow

        Hopefully this message wasn't done by someone who is a Star Trek fan who thinks that if they stick their heads into the sand the problem of Nuclear waste will go away (firing it into the sun is the most laughable). Through fast track stations you are solving a long term power option but also giving a option of where countries like Russia put their waste rather than them sinking it into the sea of Sweden or putting warheads in disused army barracks guarded by conscripts on less than two dollors a day.
        I know people will say not in our backyard but again Nuclear has no backyard only what is safe and what is not safe in terms of options.


        The issue of energy supply needs impartial consideration. Basing policy on public prejudice and short-term political expediency may be unwise.

        simon clewer

        How about storing the waste in, hmmm what are they called, the word escapes me. Oh yes, warehouses - you know, big empty covered spaces where you can put stuff.

        Future generations ( say 100 years from now ) can burn it up in fusion reactors or chuck it into the sun or whatever.

        Let the greenies worry about that, they are a bit thick so it is nice for them to have something to worry about, and its Blair's problem to deal with the media and the NIMBYs and the greenies.

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