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        James Mawdsley

        Fantastic! And not only a transnational institution, but a transgenerational one too.  Does the UN really link us with the 1950s? No, because the UN has lost the backbone which it had in 1950.  But the Church links us with 2,000 years worth of generations, so that the person who takes Mass in Dublin 2005 shares the experience with Russia 1914 and Palestine 33.  What else on earth links people so deeply and widely? Nothing else.


        "Why should they care who's Pope"...?

        Umm... well... maybe they're like - concerned and that - y'know - about all those people dying of AIDS in Africa.

        Just a thought. Seems a bit more plausible than the fact that they're envious about the Catholic Church being the last viable etc etc etc etc etc.

        But I guess I'm wrong, just being a simple bloke and not a political type, like.

        Tom Greeves

        Many issues are shades of grey, and some are fearsomely complex. But one issue that seems crystal-clear to me is this notion that the recently deceased Pope is to blame for the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

        Roman Catholicism is perfectly straightforward on this matter. Sexual activity is only legitimate if it is an expression of love between a married couple. If everyone shared that position, STD rates would fall through the floor.

        The Pope and his predecessor do not have some default position along the lines of 'you shouldn't be promiscuous, but if you do, for goodness sake don't wear a condom'. Anyone engaging in sexual activity proscribed by the Catholic Church has ALREADY demonstrated that they have little regard for what the Pope has to say.

        The 'blame' for the AIDS tragedy in Africa lies elsewhere. Thabo Mbeki can step forward and take a bow for a start, for refusing to acknowledge that HIV and AIDS are related.


        You can give African women all the condoms you want and it would make very little difference.

        The real problem is the disempowerment of African women, who are not in a position to force their partners to use contraception in the same way that most western women are.

        The Catholic church is not responsible, it has no power and the power to persuade - African governments fattened with corruption have contributed far more to this problem by obfuscation, misinformation and in the case of Mbeki out right lies.

        The real question is one internally for Catholicism, now that it is no longer a secular power, where does its responsibility lie, for the souls of Catholics,for christians, for everyone? The election of Pope Benedict gives the church the possibility to take a short breather and have a look at itself.

        Also Ratzinger is a genuine intellectual unlike Johann Hari, Polly Toynbee etc

        EU Serf

        Funny how the Pope - No Sex before marriage - is guilty for the aids epidemic, whilst Mbeki - sex doesn't cause aids isn't.

        No wonder you have to be an intellectual to be a lefty, its far too confusing for me.


        WHY should anyone suppose that the propagation of ‘condom culture’ throughout Africa could halt the spread of AIDS, when it has so signally failed to arrest the escalating epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases in this country?

        I am not a Catholic, but it is clear to me that the Pope is right on this (and on most other moral and cultural issues).

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