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        Derek Buxton

        Do not forget the biggest elephant in the room .... the EU. Once in their power, as if we weren't, whitehall becomes irrelevant, all laws will be made there as over 50% are now. By unaccountable, non elected officials. This situation must needs be dealt with ASAP or England disappears.

        Cllr Graham Smith

        This is probably the most significant article I have seen written over the past week.

        Unfortunately, like the 8-track system, Betamax and other examples too numerous to mention, that which is excellent is all too often squeezed out by that which is profitable - the cheap and tacky gaining market share at the expense of the quality product.

        I fear the issues raised here are just a bit too hard for the typical 21st century British voter to want to deal with, especially whilst Mr Blair and Mr Brown keep up their fairy-tale act of pretending that "it can only get better." For many of us, it has got a hell of a lot worse since Mr Brown decided to run down our pension funds, trash our gold reserves and become increasingl dependent upon buying electricity from France in his fanciful flight to magical Euroland.


        And what about the West Lothian Question? The Conservatives have hardly made much of a fuss over that, while Labour and the Lib Dems just continue to ignore it.

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