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        Dave Cross

        Didn't you learn anything from the comments on your last "Leftish" post? This kind of childish entry will just encourage people not to take you seriously. Or perhaps you don't want to be taken seriously.


        I had high hopes when this blog was introduced, but when the example of american political blogs was used as the catalyst, I didn't realise this would literally mean we have to listen to religious claptrap (pro-lfe post) and now today, we have a schoolboy post. In case you handt noticed the election has just been called? Isn't that why this blog exists?


        Colin, Dave - you need to get a sense of humour.

        If you want some beef please visit>here.

        Tim Ireland

        Three cheers for the bright sparks behind this site and Iain Duncan Smith who backs it.

        Iain Duncan Smith was on Radio 4 last Friday saying that he believed that campaigning should be based on hope, not fear, hate or spite. What a total bloody hypocrite.

        Dave Cross

        Oh, I have a sense of humour thanks. It's just that this entry is childish and unfunny.

        Here's a hint. The secret of a good joke is that it contains a grain of the truth.


        Editor, ignore the leftie whiners. It's when they squeal like this you know you're hitting home.

        "X was a senior and respected Conservative = Never heard of the guy until he defected to us", for example, isn't so much a grain of truth as an entire acre, and there's s something very amiss if Dave Cross can't see it.


        Well, it might be vaguely true, but it isn't even slightly funny. And I'm on the right, so it isn't partisan sniping, just an editorial suggestion. If you're going to do comedy, you have to follow rule number one:

        1) Be funny.

        That is all.

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