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        The Precinct Chair

        Welcome to the blogosphere. I'm impressed to see that the Conservatives of the UK ae going to take a lesson from teh conservatives in the US and make use of this wonderful medium with which technology has blessed us. I like what I see, and will be linking shortly.


        What nonsense. The media is overwhelmingly right-wing: the Mail, Sun, Telegraph etc. Only the FT, Independent, Guardian & Mirror are centre left (& look at their combined circulation).

        The left wing media myth was a lie in the US (as many conservatives admit). Here in the UK, it's just laughable.


        I didn`t realise Conservatives were so childish. The "leftish" article might be OK in a sixth form magazine but really. Secular - aethiest, mmmm... my mother is a committed church goer, helps on all sorts of church committees as well as community etc - but aparently you lot think she is an athiest. As a 40 year old, house owning, business running floating voter, this site has convinced me to vote labour. ps I particularly liked all that guff about the "owning a home" being central to conservatism - people who rent need not apply then?


        "Community" - a virtual concept derived from Sociology 101 signifying any disparate group the speaker would like to have speak with one shrill lobbying voice.

        Note we never hear from "the White Community", "the Military Community", the "Drivers' Community", nor from the "Disaffected Voters' Community"


        Only the FT, Independent, Guardian & Mirror are centre left

        Disagree.......The Guardian staffs Radio 4 with Mark Lawson, Simon Hoggart et al. The Independent provides David Aaronovitch, Simon Calder et al.

        The Guardian is off-centre and out in the left-field. You forgot to add the Tabloid Times and its fawning New Labour approach from Anatole Kaletsky, La Sieghart, Anthony Howard, Tom Baldwin et al.

        The BBC is the broadcasting division of The Guardian and the institutionalised bias of the BBC is no longer evident to those within just to its forced subscribers.

        The fact is that the BBC especially magnifies minority positions as if they are mainstream and diminishes the mainstream to seem fringe. It is a propaganda medium and seems to act like a political party in its own right; its Manifesto is certainly very clear.

        There is no point making any reference to the United is a different does not levy £10/month to own a TV to fund a State Broadcaster where the Prime Minister annoints Chairman and Chief Executive....................


        but aparently you lot think she is an athiest. As a 40 year old, house owning, business running floating voter, this site has convinced me to vote labour

        Weird..........this is a Blog not a Church sermon. If you disagree with his points argue.........don't say I am going to take my ball home............if you are so binary you must be unable to argue a case................a few comments on a Blog and he wants to vote Labour............well go and spend time on a Labour Blog...............and then Lib Dem - eventually you will be in the Abstention Party

        Graham Mann

        re The BBC is the broadcasting division of The Guardian....

        Precisely. The Guardian has a low circulation compared with many popular "centre right" newspapers and yet the left liberal perspective is portrayed by the BBC as being the norm. A case of institutional bias. The more people I talk to the more I detect a growing groundswell of opinion/feeling against the whole liberal project. Perhaps the start of a post liberal backlash?

        Finally, If the liberal left are so keen on democracy why do do they hold the words popular/populist in such contempt??

        Colin Ferris

        Agree with most of your translations from Leftish into English except this one:

        Tory cuts -- A marginally slower rate of growth in government expenditure

        In fact, that merely translates from one Leftish dialect, Campbellaise, into another Leftish dialect called Howardish.


        Leftish...Yes, That encompasses all the three Old Parties who use the same language. Tory/Lib/Lab speak is its real name. The only known antidote is to learn to speak UKIP by going here:

        Greg Whitehead

        The Conservatives can't realistically expect to form a government after this election, which is a contorted way of saying they are going to lose. But whose fault will that be? Is it our fault because we're too stupid to see Labour for what it is? I've got three good reasons not to vote Labour.
        They lied to justify a war that didn't need lying to justify. They waste millions after millions of pounds to add more government at every level, as if that were in itself a good. And they suffocate initiative everywhere they find it, by endless rules that must be followed just for the sake of following these rules, and doing no-one any good.
        None of these are reason enough to vote Conservative. What will you do in government, even allowing that you at least know better than to degenerate into playground squabbling again?
        Before I can vote Conservative, you'll have to stop picking on those who are weaker than you. You'll have to stop pretending to know how other people ought to live, if they live within the law. You have to stop attacking people, except - and I cannot emphasise enough that word 'except' - if what they do does harm to someone else, and not to their mere sensibility which is anyway no more account than anybody else's.
        You need friends, not enemies, and if you go on and on just finding people to attack for the sake of making your own supporters happy, you are going to lose this election just as badly as you lost the last one and the one before.
        There are millions of committed Conservatives in this country who will always vote for you. But they will never be enough to vote you into government.

        Ps. You listen to your friends too much.


        "" The media is overwhelmingly right-wing ""

        Yeah, that’s like totally true. Know what else is like totally true!? Father Christmas is my uncle! And the tooth-fairy is my sister. And there are mole people living in the centre of the Earth and bats are really alien spies from mars, gathering information before the invasion!

        "" The left wing media myth was a lie in the US (as many conservatives admit). ""

        You really haven't a clue have you? Can you say DAN RATHER? I suspect you haven't the ability to detect media bias (don't worry, not everyone can, don't be ashamed! I'm pretty bad a languages myself!)


        Poosh's comments neatly encapsulates the high level of debate you can get from conservatives. They can't - and won't - engage in proper discussions.

        Obviously, they're learning from their US counterparts where all you get is abuse and nastiness.

        Theen we get contributions like: "the BBC is the broadcasting version of the Guardian". Not surrprising the Tories are stuck on 31% in the latest poll...


        "Poosh's comments neatly encapsulates the high level of debate you can get from conservatives. They can't - and won't - engage in proper discussions.

        Obviously, they're learning from their US counterparts where all you get is abuse and nastiness."

        Here in America, I've been reading the comments to my favorite blog site ( several weeks now (it's where I learned of THIS blog). It has been my observation that it is the liberals, the atheists, and the anti-Christians who are unwilling to engage in honest debate and, instead, attack the person who is making a comment. I'm not sure whether they do this because they don't really have any good arguments and this has left them with just screaming and name-calling or what. I have also noticed that it the conservative Christians who usually react with kindness and patience and respect to the "screamers." It seems the liberals over here have lost the art of debate and just aren't listening anymore.


        Yeah, you get a lot of kindness and honest debate from Rush Limbaugh, Tom Delay, Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich etc etc.

        Just nasty, nasty, nasty & bonkers.

        Friendly Fire

        Conservatives............. well Tory ones are now extinct; try New Labour and you'll find today's conservatives.


        Henry, I wasn't referring to conservatives in the media. I was talking about non-famous people such as yourself and myself who post comments on a blog. These are the ones I have witnessed showing kindness and honest debate to liberals and Christian-haters. Your comments simply prove the very point I was making. Why don't you show me how wrong I am by debating specifically what you dislike about Rush Limbaugh, et. al., instead of just lumping them all together as "nasty." The word "nasty" conveys nothing in particular.


        "Liberals & Christian haters". Here we go again with your nasty (yes) smears. Plenty of liberals and lefties are Christians. This is just typical of conservatives & how they have tried to hijack a great and compassionate religion for their own ends.

        Oh & where do we start with Cheney & co. How about all the nonsense they told us about why Iraq had to be invaded?


        "Plenty of liberals and lefties are Christians."
        I don't know what it's like in your country when people use the term "Christian." What I mean by "Christian" is a person who has decided to follow the person of Jesus Christ by giving his/her life over to Him and believes what Jesus said about Himself in the Bible (specifically, the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).

        Christians here in the US have not "hijacked" Christianity but, for some reason, people who become Christians tend to be more conservative in their political views in the United States. I know that was certainly the case with me. I began to believe human life was sacred, as it says in the Bible, and that, therefore, abortion and euthanasia were murder. With those beliefs, I had taken my first step into conservative thinking.

        Yes, there are certainly liberals who have made the choice to follow Jesus Christ but, here in the US, those people are in a pretty small minority. I didn't make it that way, it just seems to be the way it is. The people who write poisonous and Christian-hating comments on have, almost without exception, identified themselves as somewhere on the liberal continuum. They frequently let it be known that they just hate Christians. I read that something like 90% of Hollywood people are not Christians and consider themselves liberal politically. Interesting, isn't it, how becoming a Christian tends to make Americans more conservative politically?

        Sorry, I've said too much here to discuss Cheney.


        re: The BBC and the Guardian

        ...and let's not forget too how much taxpayers' money goes to subsidise liberal-left views. The BBC gets 100% of the "telly tax", sorry licence fee; the Guardian gets the lions share of public sector recruitment advertising.

        Mr Bob

        As a US serviceman, I do thank TB for his steadfast "sticktoitivness" on the GWOT issue. Americans respect people who believe something and stick to it, but you are totally correct in saying Americans need to know TB's liberal tendancies on EVERYTHING else. The other thing Americans like is the underdog. Watching TB taking a beating from Parliment, and those guys are more rude than Ted Kennedy by a few furlongs, is the other reason people seem to like him. Keep up the good work, this blog is going as a permanent link on mine.


        Most polls I've seen suggest people don't mind paying their telly tax. Better than selling the BBC off to Rupert Murdoch & having it replaced by Fox News.

        And what is this rubbish about the left/liberal bias of the BBC? All political parties whine about the BBC's bias.

        I suspect conservatives - not satisfied with dominating the print media - want to take over broadcasting too & stifle debate.


        As for the Beeb's political bias - when old-Labour were in power they complained about the right-wing Establishment view the BBC had. Then the Tories were in power, and Maggie ranted and ranted about how left wing it was. Then Nu-Labour got into power and Blair, Campbell and his cronies complained how much the BBC was attacking it.
        One thing is certain - if your a political party in power, it's very, very easy to whine like a cheap whore about how the BBC treats it badly. Aw, diddums.

        Then again, perhaps it's just good journalists who keep catching out shit politicians. (Someone say Aitken, Archer, Hamilton? Mandleson, Blunkett?)

        As for the Beeb being anti-Christian - ooh, you don't half see a lot of faith programming on Sky One, eh? Songs of Praise... wasn't that Channel Four? Religious programmes on Radio 4? Thought for the day?

        How about you stop whining about the nasty media and stop giving it ammo by behaving yourselves.


        Carl - I well remember when old Labour were in power and you would hardly describe TV commentators and interviewers such as Robin Day, Ludovic Kennedy and Kenneth Allsop as right-wing establishment. I recall that Harold Wilson once had a TV interview stopped and re-shot because he didn't like one of the questions (they allowed him to do this). The point is that whether successive BBC staffers comment on or interview Harold , Maggie or Tony Blair, they do so from the liberal standpoint or the "red corner". Right of centre views are always marginalised or presented as eccentric. Journalists such as Janet Daly (Telegraph)are introduced as "right-wing" commentators; no such equivalent leftist appellation for their chums from the Guardian.
        'Thought for the Day' Christian? Come orfit. It's been a paragon of multi-culti, lib-left, anti-war PC for the last 2 years. Note also the decline of 'Letter from America' since the sad demise of Alistair Cooke. It might as well be re-named 'Letter from a Bush-basher'. Freddie Forsythe, one of the few right of centre commentators also got the push from his miserly 10 minute, once a week slot on Radio 4.
        Finally, any chance of a courteous exchange on these pages? I may disagree with your point of view but I won't make comparisons with cheap whores.

        Charlie Farley

        Leftish - "Michael Howard" (ugh! VERY leftish!)
        English - traitor

        Charlie Farley

        Leftish - "Rick"
        English - Dick

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