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20 Jan 2009 13:07:09

New ConservativeFuture website

Cfwebsite CF have a new website. It looks very good.

Owen Meredith has an Inauguration Day piece on what Britain's Tories can learn from Obama.

5 Apr 2007 06:45:00

Christian Walker's Communications update

Christian_walkerSince my last update in January I have been busy on a number of projects which I am now able to feed back on below.  Being on the Executive continues to be both rewarding and infuriating in almost equal measures!  I continue to support on a daily basis anyone that has requested help and information and I am usually able to find positive resolutions.  Some of these outcomes also inform improved communication on a wider level for example policy forums – see below.  We have a number of new branches with individuals contacting me from areas where there have not been active branches for a long time.  These people are now pushing not always smoothly but with a determination to succeed.

I have continued to travel around although not as much I would have liked – remember if you need some extra support at an event from a member of the executive – just ask! 

There was a good response to the consultation, it closed at the end of February and it has taken a considerable amount of time to sort through the results before I was able to report back - I am not going to duplicate these results here.

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2 Apr 2007 13:28:15

Results of the CF consultation published

The consultation of CF members was an excellent initiative. The geographic impartiality of the internet, combined with the significant number of responses (768) make its results authoritative. I'm particularly pleased that CF Diary got such a positive rating and that the results have been published here for all members to see. For once we actually have some facts on which to base our opinions on the state of Conservative Future, and I'm sure this and other blogs will digest them over the coming weeks.

Message from Christian Walker (Exec member for Communications):

Have_your_sayA big thank you to everyone that replied to the consultation.  The consultation with members was the first for a long time and was carried out with a zero budget but despite the knock-on drawbacks of this in terms of format it has provided information that will inform work this year and next year's NME in addition to the Communication Strategy I have been working on.

There were multiple aims of the consultation including getting people thinking about CF – how it operates, how they can contribute and how they would like to see it develop and also inform membership priorities. 

Until the new membership database is fully operational determining the number of CF members is difficult but it is widely agreed to be around 15,000.  768 replies were received to the consultation therefore it had a response rate of 5%.  Consultations of this sort would hope for a response of between 5% and 10% therefore while the response rate is not great it can be argued it is a representative figure.

Click continue to see the results in detail...

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16 Mar 2007 08:26:00

March CF bulletin

There's a slight technical hitch in sending out the bulletin this month, in the meantime Christian Walker has sent it to me for you to see on here. Please excuse the rough formatting for now.

In the bulletin this month are details of the Spring Forum CF Events and there is also news on the recent marginal seats events including the huge turn out in Ribble South last Saturday – we did beat the Hammersmith 55!  The CF consultation has now closed and the results are being collated - the results will follow in a special CF Diary Article as soon as this is complete. As always remember the CF bulletin reaches THOUSANDS of our members and so what better way to advertise your events? Contact: [email protected]

In this edition:    

    * Spring Forum
    * CF Consultation
    * Hilley is Castaway
    * Next Bulletin
    * Events

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23 Feb 2007 09:29:08

Have your say in the CF consultation

Have_your_sayJust a few days left before it is due to finish.

>>> CF Consultation <<<

22 Feb 2007 11:04:22

Being a Tory parliamentary intern

I should belatedly point you to this piece in The Times by Ryan Shorthouse last week:

"Am I really bitter that I don’t have a city starting salary? Slightly. But we young Tories are more bothered about status than money. Money, in excess, is ugly. Being a businessman is hardly appealing. Far better to be a lawyer or an academic. Even a GP. These are the respected in society. The children of Thatcher are impressed by how much can be achieved rather than by the depth of a bank account. Thankfully, we have the support base to do that."

11 Feb 2007 11:47:00

Is the CF Website good enough?

John Moorcraft writes a weekly article putting current young Conservative issues into a historical context.

The political establishment are constantly being told by those who consider themselves experts on the subculture of contemporary British youth that they must learn the rules of engagement specific to this particular hoodie wearing section of society if they want to persuade increasing numbers of them to take an interest in all things political.  The aspiring politician is forever being reminded that the next General Election (assuming it is not held this year of course) will see youngsters born in 1990 (after the fall of the Berlin Wall and during the fag end of Thatcher’s premiership) entitled to vote for the political party of their choosing. This, we are informed by the experts, should scare politicians to death on the premise the traditional method of choice for making themselves popular with the public (promising to make us all wealthier whilst improving public services) simply will not cut the mustard with the new kids on the block.  Instead, we are led to believe this cheap flight loving, iPod owning, broadband internet using generation wants to hear about “post material” issues such as environmentalism and ending world poverty, not to mention whether any wannabe MP loves the Arctic Monkey’s and can drink 14 pints of beer on an average night down the pub. 

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9 Feb 2007 16:49:00

The February News Bulletin from Conservative Future

Welcome to the February Bulletin.  In the bulletin this month is a comprehensive run down of the Marginal Seats events as well as details of the next Campaign day in Ribble South – can we beat the 55 people we saw in Hammersmith?  As well as details of up coming events there is a reminder of the CF consultation that is now on going.  While the Bulletin is limited in its format due to the fact it needs to be able to be opened by all email systems but if you would like to be involved in formatting this and developing the newsletter please get in touch. The current consultation will also inform the future shape of the Bulletin – so watch this space.  Finally remember the CF bulletin reaches THOUSANDS of our members. What better way to advertise your events? Contact:

In this edition:

* Spring Forum
* Marginal Seat Update
* Campaign Day – 3 March
* CF Consultation
* Calling Area Chairman
* Next Bulletin
* Events

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26 Jan 2007 11:35:16

CF consultation website goes live

The long-awaited consultation website is now up. It is an excellent initiative - basically a month-long survey asking a number of questions about your experience with CF. I'm having trouble sending my results in though, if you are too it would be useful to let Cf_consultationChristian know.

I strongly urge you to have your say on it, its results - to be published on CF Diary in a month will be very interesting indeed. While you're in the survey groove, have a go at this month's ConHome survey as well!

Message from Christian Walker (Exec member for Communications):

"I'm delighted to be able to launch a period of consultation for Conservative Future with its members - the first for a number of years.  Since its creation in 1998 CF has evolved into an impressive political youth movement now with an estimated 20,000 members that is progressively gaining the respect it has earned and continues to deserve.  However no organisation stands still and CF needs to constantly review and adapt when necessary to represent the face of the party’s future.  To this end allows people to have their say.  It is of course never possible to cover everyone’s number one issue however the comments boxes provided allow for this inevitable frustration. 

Please also note that this consultation exercise has been produced at zero cost to the membership.  It will also not only inform the current National Management Executive but also those in years to come with the format established to allow for future more regular member feedback.  While delivering every request will be impossible we hope that this consultation also inspires debate about CF – what it represents, how it functions and its purpose and more importantly how the membership can contribute to this delivery.

All Area Chairmen have been asked to forward on details to their members and it will be advertised in the next Bulletin.  Following the closure of the consultation a summary of results will of course be made public to further fuel the aforementioned on going CF debate."

4 Jan 2007 07:41:00

Andrew Young: Communication on campus

Andrew_young_4 I got in trouble by disagreeing with an article on this blog promoting the use of newspapers on campus to influence student opinion. Not that newspapers are such a bad idea – I wrote for Student Direct in Manchester - but the thought of CF branches finding the start up costs, investing the time and running the risk of debt or libel suit fills me with dread.

Winning the battle on campus is important. Students comprise 49% of active members of CF. More importantly however, the political opinions formed there will last a lifetime. Hence the number of strong Thatcherites honed by the campus battles of the 80s, and the general apathy of the grown-up students of the Major era towards Conservatism.

Winning the culture wars is key, but newspapers, except those funded by an obliging Student Union, are a bad idea. The solution? Need you ask? You’re reading it…

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3 Jan 2007 07:46:00

Christian Walker's monthly communication update

Best Wishes to you all for the New Year.


December as usual was a busy month for everyone especially in Conservative Future; this followed a busy three months with new branches being created in a number of marginal seats.  As well as addressing communication (my main focus) I have also concentrated on new marginal seats being able to attend events including ones in Torbay, Worcester, Stroud and Derby concluding with the CF Christmas Party in London.


The Consultation website is nearing completion.  The consultation team, led by myself, were perhaps a little over confident in how much spare time we would have over the festive break – but it is heads down now...

When the website is complete I will be contacting all Area Chairman to ensure they have its details as well as more officially touching base with them during the second quarter under this leadership team. 

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