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CF Elections

1 Sep 2006 14:27:29

Rodrigo Sanchez withdraws

Rodrigo_1Rodrigo, who was standing for London North West AC, has informed me that he has had to withdraw his nomination due to unforeseen circumstances.

Still in the running in this competitive area are Munish Chopra, Gregory Stafford and Andy Peterkin.

Also, remember not to vote for Chris Wales for NME as his candidature wasn't intended.

In other election news, Donal Blaney - the first National Chairman of CF (1998/99) and Chief Exec of the Young Briton's Foundation - has received a ballot paper this year. Further evidence of the apparent success in getting ballot papers out this year, it is not. Donal turned 30 almost two and a half years ago!

1 Sep 2006 02:13:29

Manchester hustings tomorrow

Kro_bar The first hustings will start at 7pm tomorrow evening, in the friendly end of the country. You don't need to register for this one so do come if you can!

KRO bar, 325 Oxford Road, Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester M13 9PG (Map)

I believe the hustings should be accessible as possible, so intend to write a report on how it goes.

If you want to attend the London one on Friday 8th make sure you email Richard Jackson in advance.

Contested Area Chairman candidates will be able to speak at the London hustings for 90 seconds each, plus questions, so it would be useful if someone could write a report on it (I'll be out of the country briefly), although I would need to be sure of their impartiality.

24 Aug 2006 22:12:00

Voting packs

Cf_forms_1 Many CFers received their ballot papers today.

I thought it was good to see that unlike elections in the senior Party (e.g. leadership, National Convention), they didn't send out manifestos from all of the candidates - saving considerable expense. Voters are simply referred to the website, with the option of ringing up for paper copies of the manifestos (I'll write about the use of the net tomorrow soon).

There was one arguable omission from the "pack" though - an actual explanation of the positions that candidates have been nominated for. If you are reading this, chances are you are fairly clued up and involved in the national scene - but you may well be in the minority. The manifestos themselves give the less engaged a good gist of the roles that are being contested, but perhaps next time a side of A4 should be provided that explains the structure of CF.

Anyway, if you don't receive your forms within a week email [email protected] to see what the score is. Richard seems to have really helped get to grips with the electoral roll and ballot distribution, so we shouldn't see the mass disenfranchisement of last year - touch wood!

22 Aug 2006 13:20:55

Let the battle commence..

Envelope_1 The ballot papers were sent out yesterday, giving you 19 days to receive and return them. But given that at least three prospective Area Chairmen claim to have had their applications lost in the post I wouldn't leave it too late.

Dates for your diary:

September 2nd - Hustings in Manchester
September 8th - Hustings in London
September 15th - Ballot papers returned and results declared

CFTV isn't allowed to cover the events unfortunately, but I hope to have impartially written reports from the both of them. Anyone volunteering for the London one?

Please encourage everyone to use their vote, CF has the potential to be a great organisation.

17 Aug 2006 16:37:33

Chris Wales

Does anyone know who NME candidate Chris Wales is?

He is the only one to not have a manifesto on the website.


6pm update: Chris has clarified (see comments below) that he is in fact re-standing for West Yorkshire AC!

24th August update: Chris is actually on the NME ballot paper as well - don't vote for him! (no offence Chris)

16 Aug 2006 18:35:58

Auto-selected Area Chairmen

Here are the lucky sixteen who are now officially Area Chairmen for 06/07. Thanks to the guys at CCHQ for sending to me.

With just two areas to be contested, that leaves a staggering 26 out of 44 areas (40%) not having a CF co-ordinator!

See below for info on how you can pick up the flag.


Tanya de Hoedt

Birmingham, Solihull and Coventry

Dominic Russell

Cheshire and Wirral

Francisco Esteves

Cleveland & Durham

Gareth Wright


Christian Walker


Thomas Currie


Oliver Peeke

London North East

Gareth Thompson

London South

Clare Hilley


Mark Cotterell

Norfolk & Suffolk

James Dinsdale


Edward Keene


Andrew Mountney

Wales Mid & West

Richard Minshull

Wales North

Ryan Paul Rogers

Yorkshire South

Paul Alan Hayes

If you would like to apply to be co-opted into an area please email Sarah at [email protected] to register your interest. It may take until November for the new NME to have considered your application, however.

15 Aug 2006 02:36:59

The Nominated Ones...

No surprises with the National Chairman candidates, it should be a close one.

Just two incumbents running for NME so this year's exec will be pretty fresh.

Only a couple of Area Chairmanships have been contested which sadly isn't any worse than recent years (see Matt Hartley's article below). What we don't know yet is how many area positions were not applied to at all.

I'm asking all candidates for articles on why they are standing and will start rolling them out today. Their manifestos should be approved by the Party before the day is out.

In the right-hand side-bar I'm linking to both candidate websites and general blogs written by members of CF - let me know if you want me to add yours.

National Chairman
(3 candidates)

Mark Clarke
Caroline Hunt
Andrew Young

National Management Executive (NME)
(11 candidates for 6 places)

Tim Aker
Karen Allen
Jonathan Ash-Edwards
Craig Cox
Ranil Jayawaradena
Claire Palmer
Matthew Richardson
Gregory Stafford
Patrick Sullivan
Chris Wales (click here for details)
Christian Walker

London North West Area Chairman
(4 candidates)

Munish Chopra
Andy Peterkin
Rodrigo Sanchez (click here for details)
Gregory Stafford

Worcestershire and Warwickshire Area Chairman
(2 candidates)

Anne-Marie Bray
Matthew Hartley