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Radical reforms to be proposed for the structure of Tory youth movement

Michael Rock, National Chairman of Conservative Future, has sent out an email to the organisation's area chairmen aimed at clarifying the status of "radical" proposed reforms to the Conservative Party's organisation for under 30s. No official details of the reforms have been released. But the expectation is that their focus will be the abolition of the National Management Executive, made up of chiefly elected (and some co-opted) Conservative Future members, which has existed since Conservative Future was created in 1998. Powers current exercised at this level would be devolved to the level of regional chairmen. Alternatives to the current postal ballot elections are also being considered, including an internet ballot for election of the national chairman and the regional chairmen being elected at annual general meetings.

In his email, Rock urged patience while full details emerged, arguing that moves towards regionalisation would combat the pitfalls of existing bureaucratic structures:

"These reforms are still being looked at and are not finished yet. I can't release the full details because there is not a fully developed plan. Furthermore, the reason we have not administered a broader consultation is that we cannot change anything without the Party Board's approval.

"... I ask members for patience; the NME and I will be continuing to work through the reforms before releasing them to the membership. These reforms are radical but they do follow my manifesto pledge of giving CF back to the membership at the lowest level, through regionalisation and turning our bureaucratic structure on it's head. In essence, the plans we are discussing do not affect the majority of members directly but should see a much more effective management structure at a national level."


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