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CF Election Results 2008

Just got back from the count, which was handled very efficiently by the ERS. The results are as follows:


Michael Rock   -   291
Daryl Williams   -   249
Matt Richardson   -   228

National Management Executive

Christian May   -   413
Adele Douglas   -   400
Owen Meredith   -   380
Steve Ricketts   -   378
Anastasia Beaumont-Bott   -   358
Patrick Sullivan   -   347

Matt Lewis   -   339
Karen Allen   -   323
Charlie Groome   -   320
Craig Cox   -   299
Anne-Marie Bray   -   273

Devon & Cornwall Area Chairman

James Morton   -   36
Sean Mayer   -   20

Just under 4000 ballots were sent out last time, just under 9000 were sent out this time. At a glance it looks like the number of votes is virtually the same, however - Michael Rock has in fact been elected Chairman with exactly the same number of votes as Mark Clarke was!

This halving of turnout despite there being a massively long election campaign might suggest that the additional votes sent out went largely to people who aren't active members but are merely members of CF age.

Congratulations to Michael Rock and the successful NME candidates on their election. It was a long and hard-fought campaign, so commiserations to those that didn't make it in the end. I look forward to CF moving out of campaign mode and onwards and upwards into a successful year ahead.


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