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Why Michael Rock is standing for National Chairman

Michael_rock_2Chairman candidate Michael Rock explains his motivations as part of this year's Why am I standing series.

We have to be honest: Conservative Future is an under-performing, dysfunctional organisation. We don't have enough members, we don't communicate effectively, internally or externally, and we are not even remotely influential in mainstream politics. We are letting down the current membership, letting down our Party and, by default, our Country. This is not hyperbole: we can and should be making a positive impact and contribution to national politics.

I am lucky enough to remember some of the Thatcher years from personal memory, unlucky to remember much of the early 90's politics, and bitterly disappointed at having spent all but six months of my adult life with the Conservatives in opposition. Having voted in and the lost the last three general elections, I'm sick and tired of merely arguing how much better life would be under the Conservatives: I want to be an active participant in returning the Conservatives to Government.

I wasn't born into the Conservative Party, I chose it. I've always been proud of the improvements that our Party delivered for the country in the 80's, always been proud to promote the idea that we can be a Government which is for the people and of the people. There is no better way of promoting these achievements and aims than re-establishing the youth movement of the Conservative Party as a significant force in modern politics.

Personal Qualities

The combination of my personality, experience and skill set make me a different character from the other two candidates. Being on the outside, being let down by the organisation, I have a different perspective of what we have become. I can afford to be brutally honest because I do not have the hang-ups of offending previous colleagues, nor do I have to defend my record of underachievement.

This is not the time to shy away from asking the questions that must be asked: which individual can deliver the necessary changes? Which individual can offer solutions to the problems we face?  Which individual is best placed to broaden the appeal of Conservative Future?

I believe I am the best candidate for National Chairman because I have the skills, abilities and vision to improve Conservative Future, to raise the profile and extend the membership beyond our normal scope.


We need to change the structure, culture and reputation of CF. We have to improve our standing within the Party, we have to take ourselves more seriously in terms of what we are, what we can be and what we can achieve.

Perhaps most importantly, as individuals, we also need to learn to be proud of our organisation and enjoy our membership! Every member is vital to CF, every member should be remembered and recognised.

I will make each member feel a part of CF by decentralising power and influence, making CF a stronger network by offering a voice to all members. By buidling up a substantial, integrated network of branches and Areas, we can leave behind the days of underachievement and clique mentalities.

I will make CF bigger, bolder and better for all of our members.


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