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Why Matthew Richardson is standing for National Chairman

Matthew_richardson Matthew Richardson, candidate for CF Chairman, explains his motivations as part of this year's Why am I standing series.

We have to be honest: Conservative Future is a fantastic organisation.  It’s packed with passionately committed young conservatives who form the backbone of the Conservative Party.  As an organisation we have achieved a great deal, supporting candidates in marginal seats across the country and helping to bring David Cameron closer to Downing Street.  We are an asset to our party and, by default, our country.

But it’s not just campaigning that makes CF a great organisation.  Thanks to CF I have made friends I know will last a lifetime.  And I know this is something I share with members up and down the country.   

Other candidates have been quick to attack our organisation, but I think when you take a step back and look at things it’s difficult to deny CF is something we can all be proud of.  I know I am.   

Of course just because we’re proud of CF doesn’t mean we can’t strive to be better.  And in determining where improvements could be made there is one thing that should be foremost in our minds: the next general election is at most two years away.   

Accordingly the next NME will be in charge of getting CF into fighting shape.

I’m standing to be chairman of CF precisely because of the challenges the organisation will face in the coming year: growing branches, improving communications, and supporting the party in key marginal seats.   

My experience as CF’s National Campaigns Director under the current NME has equipped me with precisely the skills needed to deliver on those challenges.   

I won’t make vague commitments, and I certainly don’t promise you the earth, but I do promise this: if elected Chairman of Conservative Future standards of communication with members will be what we all know they should be, more branches will open up, and more campaign days will take place across the country.   

We are members of a marvellous organisation of which we can all be proud.  Now is not the time for pessimism, it’s time for optimism, and it’s time to help the party kick Gordon Brown out of Downing Street, ultimately it’s time to move Forward Together.


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