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Why Daryl Williams is standing for National Chairman

Darylwilliams Daryl Williams, candidate for CF Chairman, explains his motivations as part of this year's Why am I standing series.

CF is a great organisation and the reason for this is simple – our members.  The strength of CF, our potential and our ability to deliver lies with the activists who work tirelessly hard around the country. 

Change is needed, but I am proud of CF, proud of its activists and what we have delivered.  This is an organisation that wants to achieve more, but for this to happen we must recognise the hard work and efforts of those who campaign, organise events and run our branches.  They need to know they have the confidence and support of those who want to lead them into the future.    

I have a decade of experience and joined the Party when many people were leaving us and we had lost power. I have been involved with CF since its creation and have first hand experience of the day to day challenges our members face.  From being a CF Branch, Area Chairman and Member of the CF National Executive I have myself tackled the role of recruiting members, organising campaigns and social events at the grass roots level.    

National CF needs to recognise its role as that of service provider, supporting members locally.  I know that serving in office is a difficult experience and this job will involve making tough decisions, resolving differences and careful managing of our resources.   

There will be many occasions when difficult decisions will need to be made.  Some decisions may not be popular but a leader that can be trusted will do what is necessary with thought and concern for the people they lead.

I will put training and supporting the members at the heart of what I do.  We need to create more branches and ensure we are maintaining existing ones.  There will be seminars, planning days and downloadable resources available on the internet.   

Seminars and materials will be taken and written by experienced activists, sharing their knowledge with our members.

Events that will return under my Chairmanship:

  • Graduates retention event.
  • CF Awards.
  • The CF National Weekend.
  • An Annual Youth Convention.
  • Politics Unplugged tour, MP’s visits to Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • International involvement.
  • Policy events delivered with partner organisations.

I made the decision to wait until the dispatch of ballot papers before announcing my full manifesto.  My purpose has been to engage with the members as much as possible before realising my final document.  Here are a handful of policies that will be included:

  • Business plan developed when newly elected team is in place.
  • Database that allows members to subscribe to different newsletters.
  • Downloadable resources, such as branch handbooks and welcome packs.
  • New opportunities to engage in social justice, experiencing work of charities.
  • Events with thinks tanks and charities to raise awareness of important issues.

I am passionate about this organisation and I care about its members.

I am about delivery and getting things done.

Ten years of working hard for this organisation, serving our members and our Party is testament to this fact.   

My request to you is this. Let me make a difference, let my purpose be to serve you and give you the organisation you want.  Share my vision, so it becomes our vision, a vision for a Conservative Future.


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