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Why Christian May is standing for NME


Christian May, candidate for NME, explains his motivations as part of this year's Why am I standing series.

I've had to endure a Labour government for my entire teenage life, and I'm damned if I'm going to endure them as a young adult as well.

When I first started working with CF on arrival at Exeter University, it was a social thing. The social scene got me involved in a few campaign days, and after a few more of those I began to realise just how much I despised our wretched government - and what was more, I could now do something about it. Jump forward two years and I'd Chaired two different committees of Exeter CF, tripled membership to nearly 300, campaigned across the region and set up Devon and Cornwall CF - an organisation which has now helped to open 4 CF branches where none have previously existed. None of this would have been possible were it not for the hard work and passion of a great team. It's a lesson I learned quite early on; you're not going to get far if you think you can get there on your own. In recognition of this team's hard work, I was honoured to receive one of the Party's National Excellence Awards last week. I sincerely hope that the next NME will echo the fantastic teamwork that I've seen down here in the Southwest.
As part of our next NME I would transfer all that I've learnt during my time in the Southwest to a national level. I've learnt how to break down stereotypes and attract new members. I've learnt the value of a solid team. I've learnt how to create streamlined communication across counties and between branches. I've learnt how to keep the membership engaged and I've seen for myself the difference that can be made when a well motivated student campaign team commit themselves; EUCF ensured that we took a historic LibDem city council seat by one vote last Summer.

As I prepare to graduate it's only natural that I look to the future. I don't want that future to be one of state interference, surveillance, tax and spend, stagnant welfare services or under funded armed forces. I want, with all my passion, for that future to be one of freedom, opportunity and trust. I want a Conservative Future. I know that we can play a part in making that happen. Yes, we need to sort our communication out, and yes, we need to promote our accountability - but what we really need to do is focus and build on our successes and our strengths.This doesn't mean resting easy, it means giving ourselves a kick up the arse. But CF simply isn't as bleak as some would have you believe.  It is those that have been involved in CF the longest that really know the changes that need to be made, and it is those same people who I see giving up their time to campaign in 'unwinnable' wards, volunteering in social action projects, travelling the counties to promote the cause and never asking for anything in return except the hope of a Conservative government. How will I contribute to that change? My promise to you, if elected, is that I will give Conservative Future even more passion and dedication than I've given at Exeter, and I'll do it having learnt from all my experiences over the last two years. We'll get our house in order, and then we'll get to work on making CF a professional, slick and respected machine that will become even more influential in mainstream politics.


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