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Why Anastasia Beaumont-Bott is standing for NME

Anastasia_beaumontbott Anastasia Beaumont-Bott, candidate for NME, explains her motivations as part of this year's Why am I standing series.

I’m excited about Conservative Future. I can see how good this organisation can be. That it can cater for the all-weather campaigner, the guy who is more interested in the social scene and the member who is convinced she will be Prime Minister before her 35th birthday!

I’m optimistic about the future and I realise that to be all that CF can be, we need to get the basics right. I’ve been a CF activist who has wanted to push on and achieve more for my branch but I have had to face the same problems with communication and teamwork that many of you do too; my emails regularly go unanswered and my concerns often go unaddressed. It is time for action, it is time for practical changes, and it is time somebody was honest about the problems we are facing and constructive in finding the solutions.

Some of our branch and area Chairmen face a daunting task. Too often data has gone untracked and lines of communication have broken down. I’m facing a similar challenge in my own branch, but I’m now working to turn it around and I promise to help you to overcome these same challenges in your own branches.

Conservative Future, like the Conservative Party, is an organisation I am truly passionate about and although we are currently excelling in activism and in terms of expansion, I believe we could do so much more.  I believe there are problems, which if we don’t address will hinder us, in the long run and we need to be putting those problems to rest once and for all.

Conservative Future exists all around Great Britain, but as static pieces.  I want to join up those pieces, so we can become an organisation that celebrates innovation in our branches but is united in our goals.  I want to join the dots between area chairmen, branch chairmen and the members.  I want the CF NME to have a relationship with the CF members through video broadcasts and an open CF forum where members can discuss issues with the NME.  I want to see us embracing modern outlets such as YouTube and for us to work together, as a united Conservative Future. Some will look at this paragraph and see it as a wish list. Perhaps it is, but every element of it is achievable if we pull together.

I will seek to ensure CF and CF Scotland communicate and co-ordinate as well as swap ideas so we may learn from each other, all the while maintaining our status as individual organisations.

I will promote the idea of activism becoming more than just canvassing by branching out into new avenues. I will help to advise on how we can improve links with local associations so we are more deeply rooted with our local Conservatives.

I want to see the introduction of simple ideas such as new branch starter packs; so that when people make the effort to help us – we are there ready to help them.  I also want to introduce an online activism calendar so that wherever you are in the country, you can become involved with CF.

There is nothing in this world I am more passionate about than I am about this party, and I want to put that passion and drive into pushing Conservative Future forward on to new and exciting levels.  So let’s get over the problems of the past, and replace it with an outward looking and united attitude optimistic about our future.  Let’s get over this stumbling block of poor communication which only holds us back and let us begin reaching out to every possible person we can find.  Let us get over this at times cliquey nature we have fallen into by welcoming everyone in to Conservative Future at the same level. A Conservative is a Conservative and it is time we remembered that.  And finally, let’s show our party; the party we have all pledged our support to, that they can rely on us, that they can trust us and that when a general election finally rolls around, we will be there; just as we have always been, only this time; stronger, bigger, better and more united than ever before.  I want us to do it.  I believe we can do it.  Elect me to the CF NME, and I am going to work my hardest to make sure we will do it.   


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