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The Creation of a CF Training College


Daryl Williams, candidate for CF Chairman, explains his policy for a CF Training College (download pdf).

I believe National Conservative Future needs to recognise its primary aim is to act as a service provider, supporting members locally.  The grass roots are the heart of our organisation, without our dedicated activists, our organisation would cease to function.  This is why I will ensure we are supporting members through the creation of a new college.    The college will adopt four principles.  There will be induction events and resources for new members joining our Party.  It will support our grass roots activists through training days, seminars and online resources. 

We need to distinguish between the different roles in CF and provide training specifically to the requirements we ask of our activists.  Also, the college will encourage and support young people running for local government. Many activists I have spoken to have made clear their priority is for Conservative Future to concentrate on getting the basics right.  The college is about providing practical support, helping you get on in the Party and perform your functions better.


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