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What features does the new CF website need?

Cf_websiteIt was back in October when I revealed that a new CF website had been launched. It had limited functionality as a temporary blogspot but was a great leap forward in that it was at least out of the CCHQ system and could be updated straightaway.
Mark Clarke has said that CF is going to "invest significant funds in a state of the art website". Realistically there's only so many features that website can have, but it'd be useful to hear what you'd like them to be...
Here's a few for starters:
  • Michael Rock thinks that CF-eligible people should be able to join the party through the CF website instead of having to go via the party website.
  • Forward Together want: "an interactive campaign database showing branch numbers, member levels, leaflets delivered, events held and offering comprehensive support services" and a forum within the site, possibly like the very popular LDYS one (which also has a private members section for discussing internal matters).
  • I've mentioned setting up an interactive Google map of CF branches a few times, like the LibDems' Flock Together. This is something Forward Together advocate and I believe Matt Richardson is already working on it.
  • I'd like to see more online activism like LDYS' United4Belarus campaign and the Conservative's excellent "inner tosser" video about debt. 
  • Advergaming - like the TaxManGordon pacman game goes down well with us youngens, especially if they are funny and easily spread over email, Facebook etc...


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