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Take part in a CF survey of political views

John Moorcraft is opening up this research survey to any readers of CF Diary who are CF members:

"As most of you will perhaps be aware, I have spent the past three years undertaking research into young conservatism in the UK. My research project, which should be completed shortly and published before August 2008, has so far seen in excess of 1,500 CF members, or Conservative Party voters under the age of 30, participate.  It should (providing no academic has been secretly undertaking similar research without my knowledge!) constitute the biggest examination of the political views and composition of UK based young conservatives ever published.

In order to top and tail my research project (a sort of “stop press” chapter if you will), I have devised a short survey designed to reveal the political views of young conservatives on a number of politically salient issues as of January 2008.  It should take no longer then 20 minutes to complete and is undertaken online.  As with all my previous research, your participation will be anonymous and no information provided by yourself in the survey will be divulged to any third party. I am therefore posting this to invite all CF members interested in taking part (and who have not yet completed the supplementary survey) to email me and let me know. Once this has been done, I will reply with a link to the survey for you to peruse and complete at your own leisure (but preferably before next Friday!)

Have a very happy and prosperous 2008"

John will report back here with some of his findings before his research is publish.


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