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Nominations open today

CF website:

Today is officially the day when Nominations for the Conservative Future Elections open.

Below are the necessary forms for nominations.

1. Form for positions for National Chairman and the 6 National Management Executive positions Conservative Future Elections 2008 National Nomination

2. Form for positions as Area Chairman (please note that Area Chairman positions have been reduced to 43 positions and are representative of the New electoral boundaries as defined by the Returning Officer) Conservative Future Elections 2008 Area Nomination

The Electoral Reform Services will be managing the ballot papers, and also the count. ERS will be conducting the Count on Monday 3rd March at their offices The Election Centre, 33 Clarendon Road, London, N8 ONW. Candidates will be welcome to attend the Count with one guest, and further details will be sent to Candidates nearer the time.

To ensure fair play, the CF electoral roll will be audited 3 times to check for any irregularities, duplications of names etc. Any irregularities will be investigated.

In previous CF elections it has come to the Party’s attention that some genuine CF members have failed to get a Ballot Paper. If the member can verify their details then they will get a ballot paper. In this regard, ERS will establish a CF election helpdesk – please call 020 8889 9203. This number will be open from 11th February and can be used by Members, who for whatever reason do not get a ballot paper. Members who fall into this category will have their details checked against the CF electoral roll, and/or their local Association before being sent a duplicate copy of the ballot paper. All duplicate or additional ballot papers will have a declaration slip which will need to be signed for by that Member, and returned with the ballot paper to ERS for inclusion into the Count.

All Ballot papers will be coded, and have a specific watermark and colour for the two different levels of position. Any spoilt Papers or tampered ballot papers will be refused and recorded.

All registered candidates will have the nomination acknowledged by CCHQ. Once your nomination has been acknowledged, you will be asked to provide a 100 word introduction which will be included with ballot papers when being sent out to the CF electorate.

Your 100 words could include:

  • An introduction to yourself?
  • Why you think you should be elected to the roll you are applying for?
  • Outline of the core areas / policies that you will be pursuing if elected?
  • Your experience, knowledge and work within CF and/or the Party?
  • Contact details, and/or weblinks to your campaign?

CCHQ reserves to right to amend/edit any submissions if;

  • Word limit is over 100 words
  • Damaging comments are made against other candidates, campaigns, Conservative Future or the Conservative Party
  • Comments are made which are believed to be false, misleading or untrue.

Any edits would be discussed with the candidate in question. Weblinks and contact details will be encouraged, but no images.

Please remember that close of nominations is on Friday 1 February 2008 at 12 noon. All nominations must be received by this time.

If anyone has any questions regarding the CF elections, please contact Michael Lunn – Youth Development Manager [email protected] in the first instance, or the Returning Officer - Roger Pratt [email protected]


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