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IYDU action on Belarus

The following statement was issued by the International Young Democrat Union Chairman, Norweigan MP Peter Gitmark, today following the news that 10 young Belarusian activists were arrested after a Democrat Youth Community of Europe (DEMYC) study visit to Belarus:

Belarus_protest “Following a study visit to Belarus by DEMYC –a member of IYDU – ten Belarusian activists were arrested and imprisoned by the Belarusian regime because of their political beliefs. An international delegation of DEMYC youth activists from across Europe conducted a study visit to Minsk on January 10-13, supported by the European Youth Foundation.

After the departure of the DEMYC delegation, ten members of the hosting organizations Belarusian Popular Front (BPF) Youth and the Young Front (Malady Front) were arrested and imprisoned. These people are Franak Viachorka, Anton Kalinouski, Yuras Stankevich, Uladzimir Syarheew, Kasya Krasnova, Lyudmila Atakulava, Kasya Halitskaya, Maksim Vyarnyanski, Paval Kuryanovich and Volha Kulyakevich.

These ten young people were arrested and have been sentenced for up to 15 days in prison without any justified reason. They have been sentenced to prison for "using bad language". Some of them were beaten by the police in order to confirm their participation in a peaceful demonstration.

IYDU is urging people, institutions and organisations across the globe that stand for freedom and human rights to join together in support for the human rights of the people of Belarus.

When such tyrannical repressions are conducted by the Belarusian government against the actions of the democratic opposition youth the world should not keep its eyes closed. We call upon governments of the world to take immediate action for the immediate release of young people who are imprisoned for political reasons. We urge world governments to defend human rights and freedom of speech in Belarus.”

IYDU has been working with our sister parties in Belarus for a number of years.  Last year they hosted a training conference for young Belarussian activists.  An IYDU Vice Chairman was able to get into Belarus last year on their annual Freedom Day march and witnessed first hand the tactics of the police in how they deal with political marches. 

If anyone would like to get involved in the IYDU Freedom Campaign for Belarus just email Sarah Southern.


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