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Daryl Williams releases new document

Title_a_vision_that_lastsDaryl sent me this statement:

"Today I have launched “A vision that lasts” which sets out how, if elected National Chairman, I will change our approach from short term and quick fix solutions to developing a long term approach to youth politics.  My vision is to train and develop members for tomorrow’s challenges and hand over a legacy that future National Executives can build upon.

I believe many of our best talent leave the organisation prematurely to move on to take up new opportunities.  We lose valuable knowledge and experience and new CF Area and Branch Chairman often take up their positions without any handover from their predecessors.  We need to change the culture of our organisation so instead of working to one or two year terms, we are thinking further ahead.  This will include encouraging members from the older age bracket to stay involved and help train new members, helping create a more professional organisation.   

The attached document outlines how I will create a long term vision for our organisation, raising expectations, devolving power, improving communications and strengthening our relationship within the Party and with partner organisations."

New ideas include the good one of having a Youth Convention that gets together CF, CFS and all the centre-right organisations that work with young people, and an evaluation of CF's relationship with both the National Convention and the NUS.

Download Vision that lasts.pdf


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