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Michael Rock launches "Manifesto of Principles"

Michael Rock has sent in this statement:

"I have now launched my 'Manifesto of Principles' and my official campaign to be the next National Chairman of Conservative Future. I make no apologies that my Manifesto of Principles is an expansive document. In it I share my views on Conservative Future, where I feel the organisation is now and where it should be going. On the discussion boards in my Facebook group  you can comment, and ask questions, about my Manifesto of Principles.

I hope that this document brings a different perspective to this election: I believe an open, fair and lengthy debate will strengthen CF and put our organisation in good stead for the future. I hope it provides some food for thought. My business plan, which will be published in January, will set out, in detail, exactly how and when I expect to implement these solutions.

I genuinely want people to enjoy their membership of CF and, in particular, this election campaign. I want people to join CF because they want to spend time with like-minded people, at enjoyable events and I want everyone to associate us with the positive, progressive aspects of politics. Let's not add to the disillusion that is becoming increasingly prevalent in society: let's focus on getting young people engaged at all stages of the political process!

We need to change CF. Not just the brand but the size, the range of personalities, views and aspirations. We used to be a significant political force; I believe we can be again. The Conservative Party is on the up, this Labour Government is ripe for a beating. I'm frustrated that we are not further ahead in the polls, that we don't have more members and we are not reaching out to a much wider audience. CF can help change the political landscape.

I am running for National Chair of Conservative Future because I believe the Conservative Party can form the next Government and I know CF can play an influential role in the next General Election. I believe the Conservative Party is the only party that can address the challenges our country face and I know CF can help in that process. Finally, I believe I am the best candidate to lead CF through the necessary changes and I know we can make CF bigger, bolder and better."

His manifesto is in six parts:

Michael has also announced that his team will  offer a free website to any CF branch that wants one. Click here for a prototype, and here to email them about it. Eight cash-starved branches have already taken them up on the offer since the weekend. Another thing worth checking out is the Facebook group dedicated to finding a slogan for the Rock campaign!


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