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Clean campaign pledge

With there still being a three months left I've slowed down election coverage in the last month so we don't get election fatigue too quickly! Things will get going more come new year, including an article from (hopefully) all candidates on why they are standing.

"Student politics are vicious precisely because the stakes are so small" - Henry Kissinger

Good initiative by Shane Greer to get candidates to sign up to a "clean campaign pledge". I expect they all will and I will update the list of signatories accordingly.

It won't stop all of the gossiping etc that inevitably comes with youth politics but it's a noble idea that will hopefully return each year. I'm willing to publicise any clear breaches of the below code to serve as a disincentive for doing so...

In adding my name to this pledge I commit myself to the following:

  • Not making any direct or indirect personal attacks upon any and all other candidates, slates, campaign groups, their family members, friends, or acquaintances.   
  • To show at all times the utmost respect for any and all other candidate's, slates and campaign groups, and as a result to refrain from mockery, the spreading of false rumours, the dissemination of misinformation or confidential information, about these individuals, slates and groups.  For the avoidance of doubt mockery would include but would not be limited to the alteration of candidate's, slate's or campaign group's name in an attempt to undermine that individual or group.
  • Not to instruct or through third parties cause to be instructed any individual to carry out any activities which in signing this pledge I myself have pledged not to carry out.
  • Dismissing any individual associated with my campaign who engages in conduct of the kind I myself have pledged not to carry out.
  • Above all else I commit myself to running a campaign centred around issues and to engaging the other candidates, slates and campaign groups in meaningful dialogue and debate.

Current signatories (latest additions starred):

Candidates for Chairman:

  • Matthew Richardson
  • Daryl Williams
  • Michael Rock

Candidates for NME:

  • Anne-Marie Bray
  • Christian May
  • Craig Cox
  • Karen Allen
  • Charlie Groome
  • Adele Douglas


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