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CF4B is no more

Cf4b_2Thomas Wales of Conservative Future for Britain has decided that it will no longer be endorsing candidates at the CF election.

The two main reasons for this change seem to be that other candidates are now talking about regional representation, and that there are too few candidates on the slate. CF4B's candidate Richard Lowe had pulled out of the running for the NME over the weekend and Anastasia Beaumont-Bott wanted to go independent. CF4B will now exist as the name of an online forum. Wales' statement in full:

"It is with a great deal of excitement an a twinge of trepidation that I announce a change in the role of CF4B in the upcoming elections.

As a founder of A Conservative Future for Britain I have been quite surprised, and very pleased at the quality and range of candidates that have announced their candidacy thus far. CF4B was formed to support candidates who aimed to increase the regional representation within CF. It has been great to see candidates from all over the country come out with similar aims to this. We can measure this a great success of CF4B and the force of numbers in this facebook group thus far.

After Richard Lowe pulled out of the CF NME race over the weekend, due to commitments in local politics and Post-Graduate work, I realised that this was a turning point for CF4B. We could either go ahead and support more candidates, of which a couple of people are very interested in our support, or ditch the idea of a 'slate' of candidates. I have been very wary of ‘full slate’ politics from the beginning of this campaign and I now feel it is a good time for CF4B to avoid this policy.

Although I am personally still fully behind all four (now 3) candidates we have backed I have decided to change the role of CF4B to one which will help the CF electorate make up their own minds who is best to represent the interests of CF nationally.

We do not wish to be in a position where CF4B recommends only a small number of CF candidates when there are many worthy of being elected.

Therefore, from now on CF4B will become a forum for all CF members to discuss the merits of different candidates and for people to make up their own mind. CF4B will no longer back any particular candidates. Our primary aim will be to improve communication across the country during this year's elections.

To join the forum go to the CF4B blog or join directly via"

Click here to read my introduction to and verdict of CF4B when it launched in the summer.


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