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The election isn't for months but the candidates aren't slowing down

We're now not going to have a new CF national team for almost four months but the current candidates don't seem worried about electioneering fatigue. On the positive side, even if the election period wasn't so long it looks like this would have been the most debated election yet which has got to be healthy for the organisation.

Owen Meredith has published the skeleton of his manifesto, which includes putting more emphasis on supporting branches nationwide.

Anastasia Beaumont-Bott has written about two of her four policy strands - on communication and activism.

Patrick Sullivan has written about using the time we have before the election for a "big conversation" about CF.

Forward Together is still going ahead with rolling out its policies this week starting with some really excellent, specific proposals on making the national team accountable - which I think deserve a seperate post...

Its full slate has been announced now with Matt Richardson going for Chairman and Anne-Marie Bray, Christian May, Karen Allen, Craig Cox, Adele Douglas and Charlie Groome going for NME.

I've added three Area Chairman candidates to a links list on the right, I hope that will increase to at least ten (who have websites/blogs that is - no excuse not to have one nowadays).


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