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Party membership fees

The current cost of youth membership of the Party is £5 for those under the age of 22, covering most students, and £25 thereafter. Sounds about right to me although I would raise the age to about 25 to cover all those students struggling with debt and rent whilst in their first job. Would be interesting to see if any CF candidates pledge to lobby the party into reforming the current system at all.

Harriet Harman announced a new membership rate of just £1 for young people, in an email to Labour supporters today:

One_pound_3 "Young members are important to our Party, not only for their hard work with our campaign work on the ground but also to help shape our future plans.

To help us recruit the next generation of Labour Party members we are introducing a new introductory £1 membership rate for all young people under the age of 27.

I will be launching this new offer in December with representatives of Young Labour, Labour Students, young trade union members and Dawn Butler MP, Labour's Vice Chair for Young People.

There will also be launches of our Young Members rate in every region, and in Scotland and Wales so that young people all over Britain know we are inviting them to join the party and help us shape the future."

They must be desperate!


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