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Matthew Richardson's campaigning report

This is my ninth monthly report. I am sure that many of you will be amazed and astounded that my report has been delivered on time this month. I don't know what to tell you.

Pendle campaign

The Pendle campaign was one of the most difficult to organise of any campaign day so far. The location is remote and lacks transport links. However that did not stop the Pendle campaign day from being one of the most successful yet. Some 55 campaigners from all over the UK converged on Pendle for the day and delivered over 17,000 leaflets and canvassed the entire BNP held ward of the constituency.

I was especially pleased with the work done by GMCF who provided the back bone of the group for the day. James Dinsdale was there on behalf of the NME and it was a great day. We stopped for lunch at a Tex-Mex eatery and just so happened to all gather outside as the local press arrived.

I was slightly concerned at how difficult it was to persuade certain local branches to attend the national day rather than work on local campaigning. It is important that when National Campaign days come along that Area Chairmen in local areas put their local campaigning aside for the day and come campaign with the rest of CF.

The heroes of the day are Rob Largan and Adele Douglas who organised the GMCF contingent, Charlie Groome, who missed the London bus because his alarm didn't go off but caught the train up at his own expense so as not to miss a moment's campaigning and Paul Seery for just being a campaigning legend.

It was also nice to see some first timers including Lisa Prickett and Joanna McKay who have both promised that they will return.


Since my last report there have been no NME meetings for me to attend.

I have been to several events including Pendle campaign day, talks at Kings College London by Ann Widdecombe MP and Julian Brazier MP, University College London's new media discussion, Croydon CF Ball. I have also had a lunch meeting with Michael Lunn to discuss my plans for campaigning.

Campaigning portfolio

In my last report I mentioned that it has been suggested that I should establish a brand for national CF campaign days in order to distinguish them from local action days. I would still like ideas from members of CF as to what this brand might be.

I am currently working on a alpha test of a CF version of Flock Together, I hope that a working version will be ready by the end of the year.

On 1st December we will be in Brentford and Isleworth and I am hoping that we will be able to get more blue Santa hats for this event.

I have also began negotiations to arrange several Boris campaign days which I am sure will be a big hit in the New Year.


I am pleased to announce that the Worcester branch is now fully set up and it is ready to have its first proper elections and go it alone according to the plan the chairman outlined at the start of the year. There are now 25 members and the branch has held two very successful events. While this branch has nominally been under my supervision it is fair to say that nothing could have been accomplished without Anne-Marie Bray. I am sure that Worcester should be used as the model of a new CF branch. The NME and I will be pleased to offer any help and support to Worcester but I have a feeling there will be nothing extra we can give that Anne-Marie and her team won't be able to do. I will be asking Anne-Marie to write a guide to setting up new branches which she should hand to Michael Lunn before the close of nominations for the next election.

Manifesto commitments

In my manifesto I highlighted the need for a guide for university branches, more events for young professionals, more policy days and a decision on NUS involvement.

I am pleased to report that the guide has been sent to all university branches that got freshers packs. There have been several events for young professionals around the country. There have been several policy discussion breakfasts organised by Karen Allen. Following a substantial consultation on the NUS the NME decided not to get involved.

I therefore consider that I have fulfilled all of my manifesto commitments and I will now be focussing on Campaigning.


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