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ForwardTogether's accountability proposals

Some thought has gone in to these:

  • publish at the start of the year all NME work plans to allow the membership to see the goals and progress of NME members throughout the year
  • hold an NME meeting once a month on a well advertised date and allow observers to attend
  • publish the decisions of NME meetings the very next day
  • publish the minutes of NME meetings by the following Monday
  • require NME members to produce monthly reports
  • require Area Chairmen to produce quarterly reports that will be made available on the website
  • publish a monthly newsletter with individual reports from each NME member, local CF leaders and guest writers and distribute via email, facebook and the website
  • include in the newsletter a round-up of CF activity across the country
  • advertise opportunities for campaign management training, media training and internships at home and abroad, of interest to CF members.

Good stuff, I hope other candidates will come up with equally detailed proposals rather than the usual vague platitudes.


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