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Matthew Richardson launches Chairman campaign (and its slate)

Forward_together_2 Matthew Richardson, NME member and author of those monthly reports, officially confirmed his candidacy for Chairman during the YBF conference last weekend.  He's got a slate together called Forward Together.

That's what the video was about. It was a good tease (a few hundred people watched via YouTube, and thousands on MessageSpace blogs) and a clever way to get people talking, although including a url or something would have been a good idea! Those we weren't at the conference were left wondering what it was all about.

Starting from today a new member of his slate will be announced on the website each day this week. Anne-Marie Bray, CF Area Chairman of Worcestershire & Warwickshire, is the first person to be listed. Her personal website goes live in a few hours from the time of writing.

It's not clear what the principles holding the slate together are at this stage - the video just mentioned the NME needing a "proven track record",  from "more than one region", and taking CF in the "right direction" - but a new policy will be announced each day of next week.

Matt joins Daryl Williams, who launched his campaign on CF Diary last week, and Michael Rock in the race for the Chairmanship. No news from CF4B yet about their plans.

Of course, this is all happening without an election date being confirmed - Nick Webb thinks it would be best to leave it all until February now.


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